After 7 Years of Using Cloth Diapers, Are They Worth It?

After seven years of using cloth diapers nearly exclusively, I understand the hype.The short answer is, “Absolutely.” After seven years of using cloth diapers nearly exclusively, I understand why many parents swear by them.  

Seven years ago, I had my daughter, and I tried every disposable diaper available. Some felt too rough. Some smelled disgusting. Others gave her horrible rashes. Frustrated, I was ready to throw in the towel until I saw an ad in a parenting magazine for a cloth diaper brand. I was stunned – people use cloth diapers still?

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I did what any mother would do; I spent the next week researching for hours a day. I found a brand that looked trustworthy – the Flip Diaper System by Cottonbabies. I bought two packages. I knew they wouldn’t last for more than a day with the number I purchased, but I just wanted to try them. A few days later, I fell in love.

Now, seven years later, I’ve used cloth diapers with all three of my kids. Our youngest had a cloth diaper on his butt from the day he came home. I still get tons of questions about them, especially if I happen to change him in public. People want to know if they are hard to clean, do they save money, and if they are worth the effort.

If I had to add together the time I spent washing diapers each week, it might add up to an hour. With three kids, I already wash multiple loads a day. When people ask if my water bill increased, the answer is no. I add two to three loads a week. I also never bought detergent meant for cloth diapers. Instead, I purchase detergent at the store.

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There are multiple reasons why I will continue to use cloth diapers, especially for future kids. Here are the top ones.

  • They DO Save Money: If you go in it for the cute factor, you may spend more than you expect. The prints are hard to pass up. However, you can purchase enough cloth diapers for under $400. There is a huge market for used cloth diapers so that you can make back some of your money. You can also use them for other children.
  • Fewer Rashes: It could be because of fewer chemicals, but my children rarely have rashes. My 15-month-old had one rash his entire life so far.
  • They Don’t Stink: I might have a sensitive nose, but I can smell a disposable diaper in the trash for hours. It is the smell of the chemicals that disturb me. While cloth diapers naturally smell like pee and poop, that is the only thing you will smell in the pail.

Just like any other parenting decision, using cloth diapers may not be for everyone. I can say wholeheartedly it’s the right decision for my family.

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