Aladdin: Do the Reuse! Giveaway

One of my best memories from childhood: picking out my Aladdin lunchbox each year of elementary school. I especially loved my metal Popeye lunchbox…although I’m pretty sure it’s now moldering in some landfill, because my mom was not the type to keep things hanging around, and it was the ’70s…the decade when there was actually a commercial that urged people to throw their empties into the nearest pond.

I’ve grown up, but Aladdin has along with me…they have a great line of recycled and recyclable reusable food storage containers.

And they’ve launched the Do the Reuse Challenge. I just accepted the challenge this morning to pack zero-waste lunches for my kids every day. You can do that, pledge that you’ll stop using disposable water bottles, or coffee in disposable takeout cups–or all three :)

Making the investment in reusable containers is key, if you aren’t already stocked. So here’s what Aladdin’s going to do to take the edge off. There’s a giveaway below, and if you join the challenge, you’ll get a discount code for 30% off, plus free shipping. That’s significant, given that their stuff is so darn affordable in the first place.

1. Aladdin is giving away 3 sets of the following to A la Mama blog readers:

The BPA-free Revive & Refresh Water Bottle, the Travel Mug, and the Snack Container. They’re made from eCycle®, Aladdin’s proprietary mix of recycled plastics, and are recyclable wherever #5 plastic is accepted.

Side note: In Santa Fe, my recycling program only accepts #1 and #2, so I did some research and discovered that the local Whole Foods accept #5 through their Take 5 program with Preserve. (And now I know where to recycle yogurt and hummus containers, too. YAY!) Click here to see if this program serves your area.

So here’s how you enter the giveaway:

1) leave a comment below (if you have time, mention your favorite childhood lunch box)

2) For a second chance to win, sign up for the Do the Reuse challenge, and then come back here, and leave another comment to let me know that you did. Plus, you get that amazing 30% off code, with free shipping (It’s quick).

Good luck!

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