All About Choline

A place to collect all things related to choline, so they don’t get lost in the allergies forum 


Interesting article on choline and SNPs that affect how much we need and choline and methylation and all sorts of interesting stuff:
Choline: An Essential Nutrient for Public Health


Some related/referenced articles:


Common genetic polymorphisms affect the human requirement for the nutrient choline

Genetic variation of folate-mediated one-carbon transfer pathway predicts susceptibility to choline deficiency in humans

Gene Response Elements, Genetic Polymorphisms and Epigenetics Influence the Human Dietary Requirement for Choline – talks about choline SNPs and how estrogen induces expression of the PEMT gene


Personalized Nutrition: Translating Nutrigenetic/Nutrigenomic Research Into… – google book

Choline Deficiency and Plant Oil Induced Diabetes – Perfect Health Source blog, links to insulin resistance, diabetes, low carb

List of the SNPs in the articles with links to 23andme



*rs9001 (C is protective)

*rs12676 (T is +)



Other people talking about choline:

Chris Masterjohn’s recent post about choline 


Does Your Liver Look Like an Eskimo’s Dinner? Fatty Liver is a Silent Epidemic

The Sweet Truth About Liver and Egg Yolks — Choline Matters More to Fatty Liver Than Sugar, Alcohol, or Fat 

Does Choline Deficiency Contribute to Fatty Liver in Humans 

Meeting the Choline Requirement — Eggs, Organs, and the Wheat Paradox (it’s an easy read, a pretty straightforward explanation, and it includes charts on one choline-related gene, PEMT, that varies a lot based on ethnic background)

Link to odd body odor related to high choline levels

Choline foods:
Egg yolks
Wheat germ
Link to whfoods list of foods

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