Almond Balls

By Paula Vanenkevort

almond ballsThis healthy snack is simple to make (no baking!), and it’s vegan and wheat free. My kids love to eat them. The kids also enjoy helping to pour and stir the ingredients, and roll them into balls. I was asked to bring peanut butter balls to my daughter’s preschool class, but she has multiple food intolerances, and we don’t feed her peanuts. I came up with this yummy recipe as a substitute.

16 ounces almond butter

a half cup pure maple syrup

one and one half cups granola (I use maple-almond granola, but other flavors may work well too)

Stir all ingredients together. The mixture should be stiff and difficult to stir. If it is still runny, add more granola. Roll into small snack-size balls. Put each ball in a mini-cupcake paper. Store in the refrigerator. (I usually end up with about 25 almond butter balls from the above recipe.)

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