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palm-tree-sunsetNo,rental-car you’re right. That doesn’t look like Santa Fe. And right now this doesn’t look like my usual day-to-day life. Peggy (Mothering Editor and Publisher Peggy O’Mara) and I just got in to Los Angeles— after an adventure-packed day of travel and good company—to attend the 7th International Black Midwives and Healers Conference.

I’ll be trying to blog, though I still don’t have my beloved laptop back. (I’m using a hand-cranked PowerBook from the Victorian era, on loan from our Mac guy) (I joke, but I’m very grateful. It’s an extra computer he just happened to have on hand, and it’s way better than not having one at all.)  It’s been a struggle to keep Safari from crashing, but I might be able to make this work. . . Stay tuned.

Photos of the last of the light in Long Beach, which we caught from the Budget rental car parking lot, where in trying the Fast Break option, we were unnerved to learn that we could have our pick of the  cars in our designated area. Four or five cars, each with a set of keys on the dash. Hard not to feel like we were doing something illegal, as we picked one out, tossed our luggage in the back, hopped in, and drove away. . .

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