and the night time is the right time…

to catch up? 

I got some dishes done, and put the kids to bed after reading them The Day Leo Said I Hate You by Robie Harris and Molly Bang (which is so hilarious). Leo is being a complete booger, right down to squirting toothpaste onto the toilet seat…and then he tells his mom “I hate you!” It’s really a great way to deal with the inevitable moment when your kid starts lobbing those three other little words out there…Nathaniel has moved on from that to the other worst thing he can think of to say, which is, when he is super-duper mad at me, Poo Poo MOMMY!” It is really hard not to laugh my a** off when he says that, smoke coming out of his nostrils and all. Laura and I now use that for all sorts of annoying situations. “Poo. Poo. Driver!” “Poo. Poo. DJ!” 

I made this really great easy yet impressive dinner last night: pounded chicken breasts, sauteed, and then topped with a sauce made of sliced mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper slices, simmered in wine and a little butter. Plus, I made mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, with my special mixture swirled in: sauteed leeks and garlic simmered in chicken broth…

I am in love with the new Pedipeds boots. Favorite boy ones: The Dylans 

Fave girl ones: excuse me, POLKA-DOTTED boots! They aren’t available yet, but look like this in boot form:

They are designed to fit for a really long time (or, relatively longer than most shoes) because of the use of a special insert that you can remove to give the kids more toe room. Seriously, though–I need a pair of these boots for my very grownup size 10 tootsies.

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