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September! New month, new season, new issue on the stands—this one making Mothering history. Our first cover featuring an interracial couple! I don’t anticipate any raised eyebrows, since we are all, ostensibly, comfortably at home now in the 21st century. (But, then again, I was not expecting it when our last issue featuring a breastfeeding cover, July-August 2006, got pulled from newsstands around the country. Apparently just too indecent. . .

The story behind our new cover is a moving one. The cover couple, Kathy and Gerry Swan, lost their first child hours after his birth, then endured five miscarriages and many unsuccessful fertility treatments before finally conceiving Grayson Owings Swan—who is now a happy and healthy two-year-old. (Photo by Erin Labelle. To see more of her work, go to or

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