Another Coal Miner’s Wife and Child

Coal miner’s wife and child. Pursglove, West Virginia. 1938 Sept

Here’s the funny thing about these photos: During this time, it was the poor mothers who stayed fast to the natural art of breastfeeding, whereas metropolitan mothers and those who had better access to health care went to doctors who pushed formula and subsequently convinced them to feed their babies artificially.

Now in 2008, poor, rural mothers statistically do not want to have anything to do with breastfeeding and mothers who are better off economically breastfeed in higher numbers — what a flip-flop.

2 thoughts on “Another Coal Miner’s Wife and Child”

  1. It’s interesting that in order to provide free food to your baby you have to be well-off! Poor mothers can’t afford breast pumps, don’t get paid maternity leaves (if any leave at all!) and don’t have the time or opportunity to pump. If I were faced with all of those challenges, I probably would’ve opted for the bottle, too.

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