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raw-food. . . of the Mothering production team.

Mel (Staff Photographer Melyssa Holik) and I spent a good chunk of yesterday on the back porch of Candace’s (Feature Editor/Product Review Editor Candace Walsh) very gracious former partner, shooting raw food recipes for our May–June issue.

The food was “cooked” by Mel and Mothering’s new fulfillment manager, Sarah Patamia (who has jumped into her role here with both feet—and primo culinary skills), then styled by Mel on site—with occasional awkward and inopportune suggestions by me.

By far the tastiest raw food surprise of the day was the Raw Choco-Nana Pudding, made with cocoa powder, honey, bananas, and . . . avocados!


Photo of Mel shooting a fresh and colorful plate of Caribbean Tacos. Notice the conveniently placed clothesline—perfect for hanging green seamless (in an attempt to “springify” an otherwise still winter-brown back yard).



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4 thoughts on “another day in the life”

  1. Yummy! I’m a raw foodist at heart (though only 50/50 in real life) so I’m looking forward to this issue!

    And Melyssa is already sleeveless! She must be getting into the spring vibe of “May-June.”

  2. Krista, it IS the best job ever! And I’m lucky to work with such great people, too. (Highly recommended: the raw “pudding” as a parfait, alternating layers of pudding with yogurt and almonds. Really yummy!)

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