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A mother wrote in on’s Ask An Expert and wondered how to get her 7-year old boy and her 5-year old girl to appreciate each other and nurture a sibling bond as their personalities are very different and most of their interactions “largely unpleasant.” I answered with some of my favorite tips for family unity and sibling harmony.

I touch upon individuation, togetherness, family unity, activities that promote bonding, conflict resolution, media that celebrates the sibling relationship, and general context for the sibling relationship.

Here is an excerpt:

The Family Tree: You want to build a context of who they can be for each other and the long view of their life together. One way to do this is to create a family tree, so they get a sense of their lineage and the bloodlines that have come together to create their unique family. After you create the family tree, open the conversation up to the future; pointedly, if they both have children someday, they will have the opportunity to be the aunt and uncle to each other’s children, their children will be cousins, and their children will have the same grandparents. Talking in this way plants the seed in their subconscious of the longevity and opportunities of their relationship.

Honoring Needs: It is easy for siblings to bump up against each other when they have a similar disposition because the proximity and intimacy of the relationship, and the situation is even more ripe for conflict with different temperaments; in your case, his need for stimulation and her need for quiet. Make an effort to consciously give him an outlet for noise, movement, and interaction, as well as creating still, protected space for your daughter; this may mean creating drop-off activities for him, while she gets to be home filling the space in her gentle way. When they are both home, you might try a sound machine, so that she can be in one room with a water fountain, meditative music and a quiet activity, while he’s in another room or outside in a big and vibrant way.



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