Anticipating Baby – From the Heart of my Toddler

Anticipating Baby


One of my daughter’s favorite books is Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney. She loves playing along with little Nutbrown Hare as he stretches his arms out wide and proclaims his love for big Nutbrown Hare. It’s such a sweet story, and those last two pages are the best: “I love you right up to the moon – and back.”


Recently, she’s learned how to sign I LOVE … ”Mama”, “Dada” or whomever it is that she’s expressing her affection for. It’s the sweetest thing to not only hear, but to see her sign the sentiment. And following the lead of little Nutbrown Hare, she’s begun stretching her arms out wide adding, “THIS much!”


Major. Heart. Melt.


A few days ago, my husband, Steve was changing her diaper and I could hear the two of them talking. I think they were going back and forth about who was putting on the butt cream. Zinnia quieted down as Steve fastened the diaper cover. After a moment of silence, I heard her say, “I love small baby THIS much!”


I was blown away. Sure, we talk about the small baby often enough and she’s felt him kick, but at two years old, I wonder how much sense she really makes of it all. We look at her birth pictures and talk about the day she came out of Mama’s belly and how happy we were to hold her, and kiss her and she asks if she can hold the small baby. And some days she thinks there’s a small baby in her belly, too.


What really touches me is the fact, that on her own, she was not only thinking of the baby, she was feeling love for him.


I already know I’ll look back on these days of watching her slowly become a big sister as some of my favorite memories.




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4 thoughts on “Anticipating Baby – From the Heart of my Toddler”

  1. Oh, how sweet! My daughter is quite keen on having a little brother or sister and I can’t wait for these kinds of moments when the time comes. Enjoy it and best wishes!

  2. Thanks Sarah. It’s amazing how interested she is and the love that she’s already showing is so darn sweet.

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