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Mothering is hard work. Relationships are hard work. Sometimes, you want to wash the slate clean. The following process is an emotional shower and can be applied as often as needed. You can do the exercise as a written entry in a journal set aside for this purpose, or you can do this as a spoken exercise. This exercise involves stringing a series of sentences together; first, “I apologize or I’m sorry,” next, “I forgive,” and finally, “I let go,” or “I release.”

Apologize, Forgive, Release

Start with apology. Think about the areas of tension with your children and think about what you would like to apologize for. Maybe you couldn’t figure out how to give your baby what s/he needed. Maybe you left when you didn’t want to. Maybe you said “no” too quickly. Maybe you raised your voice. Maybe you were distracted and let the day go by without giving your child the attention s/he needed. Inhale, and starting with apology, begin: “I am sorry for…”

Next we work with forgiveness. You will write or say a string of sentences starting with “I forgive.” You may say, “I forgive myself,” “I forgive my partner,” “I forgive my child,” “I forgive my body,” “I forgive my relatives,” or whatever else resonates with you. You may forgive for specific experiences or you may forgive in general. Inhale and begin now: “I forgive…”

Finally, we will release the emotional tension from your experiences.You want to let of the holding in your physical and emotional body; the tension in your face, the grip of fear, the lock of regret and the power of guilt. You will begin every sentence with “I let go,” or “I release.” Inhale, and begin: “I release…”


Do this process of Apologize, Forgive, Release each evening, or at least once a week. You will feel lighter and clearer. Be generous with yourself. Model accountability coupled with empathy for yourself and your whole family will benefit.


Mothering Mommas: try out some “Apologize, Forgive, Release” statements in the comments section. I will put the names in a hat and pick one and send that person a complimentary L.O.V.E. Parenting Technique CD: Technique, Affirmation & Visualization. It contains a guided meditation, tools, techniques, affirmations and visualizations.



Private coaching in Los Angles & skype. Two workshops in October. www.LoveParentingLA.com

Private coaching in Los Angles & skype. Two workshops in October. www.LoveParentingLA.com

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