Are Infant Reflux Drugs Worth the Risks?

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Infant Reflux Drugs

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3 thoughts on “Are Infant Reflux Drugs Worth the Risks?”

  1. Interesting article, and informative. But it dismissed those cases that I see clinically and in my own kids when reflux is causing intense pain and sleep disturbances that last into the second year. Although getting to the root of the problem (food sensitivities, for example) is important, reflux meds may be the only way, in the meantime, to relieve the pain that some of these infants experience. After countless nights holding our toddler upright while he screamed and while we waited for the ranitidine to kick in (because we chose to use it reactively), I can whole-heartedly say that, if prescribed after the right screening, these anti-reflux drugs can be beneficial for the infant and the entire family.

  2. no one really knows the long term effects of these medications in infants. There simply are no long term safety studies. Twenty years down the road we may find out there are serious long term consequences.

  3. Interesting article & I agree but what are the alternatives to those children who really need some sort of treatment? My daughter’s reflux was causing frequent periods of apnea & damaging her throat, etc.

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