Arizona Rethinks Laws Regarding Midwives and Homebirth

Midwives and HomebirthThe Arizona Daily Star reported yesterday that Arizona intends to rethink its laws regarding midwifery and homebirth–laws that have barred women with previous c-sections, those carrying multiples, or those with breech babies from having midwife assisted homebirths.


Sarah Macklin, a Tempe mother who could not deliver her second child with a midwife because of a previous C-section, helped lobby for the legislation. Macklin said there is no reason the state should regulate where a woman gives birth.


“It’s important for us in the home-birth community, and women as a whole, to be able to choose,” Macklin said.


Some midwives have also called for changes to the licensing process and a national licensing organization to oversee training.


Rohno Geppert, chief of the state health department’s licensing office, said it can take up to five years to complete midwife training. Letting the North American Registry of Midwives take over certified training would free up Arizona to only handle licensing.


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