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Arts and Crafts Gifts for Kids

Get Creative!

You’ll adore these creative craft kits and art supplies–constructed using the safest and highest quality materials on the market. Don’t miss the other categories in this year’s guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.


Image of: Pied Piper Pirate Map Craft Kit


Pied Piper Pirate Map Craft Kit

What child doesn’t love the mystery of pirates? Now they can create their very own pirate map with this neat kit that includes everything they’ll need, including the wax seal. Once finished, the map can be used for hours of imaginative play.




Image of: Pied Piper Fairy House Craft Kit

Pied Piper Fairy House Craft Kit

This is the craft of all crafts! Perfect for an older child, this kit has everything they need to build a multistory fairy house–right down to the safe, low powered glue gun. Use items found in your own environment to add a personal touch if you like. Hours of fun creating and playing at a really great price.



Image of: Botanical Pocket Press


Botanical Pocket Press

This super simple, made the the USA botanical pocket press is perfect for nature hikes and backyard explorations. Replaceable, heavy duty rubberbands apply pressure to create long lasting pressed plants. Easy to use for kids of all ages and an excellent price!



Image of: Glob Collage Kit with Seedpaper

Glob Collage Kit with Seedpaper

This greeting card craft set has a very special quality–the cards will actually grow wildflowers when planted! The kids will have a blast creating these cards with the included botanical paints, leaves and rice paper cut outs. Perfect for making birthday invitations or holiday cards. Made from recycled paper in the USA.



Image of: Natural Earth Paints Face Paint


Natural Earth Paints Face Paint

In total opposition to many varieties of potentially toxic face and body paints sold for kids, these gorgeous colors will actually nourish the skin with organic shea butter and castor seed oil. Clay and mineral-based, bright and fun–the paints have many potential uses in imaginative play and are easy to clean up



Image of: Edible Fingerpaints


Edible Fingerpaints

Now there’s no reason baby can’t paint too! These bright and splashy colors are made from 100% edible ingredients–including beets, spinach and pumpkin, and are vegan and gluten-free. Just mix up the powders into baby safe dishes and watch your little one experience the joy of artistic creation. Super easy to clean up.



Image of: Stockmar Wax Modelling Set

Stockmar Wax Modelling Set

Made partially from beeswax this set includes bright, attractive and realistic colors and will provide many hours of fun for any young sculpter. The wax is very easy to use once softened slightly in the hands. Possible creations limited only by imagination.



Image of: Stockmar Stick/Block Crayon Combo in Tin


Stockmar Stick/Block Crayon Combo in Tin

If you are looking for safe and long lasting crayons for your little one, consider this great combo pack from Stockmar. Includes eight sticks and eight blocks in a durable tin. (crayons include some beeswax)



Image of: Multicolored Beeswax Candle Making Kit


Multicolored Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Let the kids make their very own 100% beeswax candles and not only will they have a ton of fun and learn a new skill, they’ll have a great decoration for the holidays or a gift for family or friends. This kit includes 12 sheets and lots of wick to make 12 large candles or a wide variety of smaller candles. Very easy to do for preschoolers and older.



Image of: Woolpets Orca Whale Felting Kit


Woolpets Orca Whale Felting Kit

This adorable and fun kit is an easy way to let your child explore the joy of wool felting. Good for older kids or teens (under 10 with close adult supervision only). Includes everything you need to create one felt orca whale. Other varieties are available.



Image of: Bunting Baby Doll Craft Kit


Bunting Baby Doll Craft Kit

This organic cotton and eco wool kit can be created by an adult/older child as a gift for a baby/toddler or given as a gift to an older child as a craft kit. The kit produces two delightful baby dolls — a 6″ and a 10″– that are simple to create but challenging enough to keep an older child or teen busy for hours.


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Jacquard Silk Hoop Painting Fun Bag

This great kit includes everything you need to get one or more kiddos exploring a unique form of expression. Comes with full instructions and tips in addition to all materials. The final product is perfect to display in a window as sun art, hang on the wall or give as a gift.



Image of: Pied Piper Knitty Kitty Craft Kit


Pied Piper Knitty Kitty Craft Kit

Learning to knit has never been simpler or more adorable that with this sweet kitten kit from Pied Piper Crafts. Let your child explore an age old tradition with the included bamboo needles, wool yarn, full and easy to understand instructions and all the extras. Finished product makes a great gift to a sibling or friend.


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