Arts and Crafts: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012



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Kiwi Crates


Why We Love It:  Every month someone else thinks up a couple of fun and educational crafts, packages everything my child needs to create them and sends it all straight to my door. These crates are perfect for busy parents and since a great deal of thought was put into the chosen activities the kids will adore them! Made in the USA. Read more in our full review.


Price:  $19.95 (per month)


Where to Buy: Kiwi Crate




Finger Knitting Yarn


Why We Love It: Made in the USA this set of finger yarn provides more than 90 feet of pure colorful fun. Even little kids can easily learn to create jump ropes, reins, rugs and more. Plus the yarn can be used to help tie up forts, as belts for play silk dress up, as decoration in imaginative games and for simple jewelry. 


Price:  $15.95 (3 balls)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden

Wikki Stix Activity Set and Rainbow Pak


Why We Love It:These are great creative toys with a low mess factor! As soon as the box was opened my daughter began to play with them and create both pictures and figures. I love that they never dry out like modeling clay can. This is the first time we had the activity board and my daughter is able to create some pretty elaborate pictures on it. With the addition of the Rainbow Pack or extra Stix, I would imagine this will be a toy that last for a long time and inspires some very creative projects.


Price:$16.50 (activity set) and $3.50 (rainbow pak)


Where to Buy: Wikki Stix





Treasure Chest of Activities


Why We Love It: This fun set includes everything an older child needs to keep themselves entertained for hours–including the paper, scissors and glue. Watch as they make everything from paper balloons to origami and feel great knowing it is made in the USA. 


Price: $14.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden




Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit


Why We Love It: Every one of Eye Can Art’s wonderful art cans is packed full of creative and educational play. Includes everything your child needs to make Japanese-style brush paintings that you’ll treasure for years to come.


Price: $28.00


Where to Buy: Rosie Hippo






Clementine Art Play Dough


Why We Love It: This delightful alternative to conventional play dough is completely free of chemical dyes and additives and is made in the USA! The dough has a great consistency and the gorgeous colors are naturally scented to make them smell great. 


Price: $9.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden


Stockmar Modelling Beeswax


Why We Love It: Any child is sure to find endless ways to use this natural modelling beeswax. Unlike clay, the beeswax softens when warm so it is very easy to work with and the colors are so bright and rich that little ones can create anything they can imagine. Once a creation cools it is hard enough to keep and display, or simply warm it up to use it again. Talk about fun! 


Price: $12.95 (12-piece)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



Stockmar Stick Crayons


Why We Love It: Made out of beeswax, these very special crayons take children’s art supplies to a whole new level. The richness and realistic color of the sticks in unsurpassed. Unlike regular wax crayons these ones are made of 100% natural, earth safe materials and will not easily break and fall apart. The set comes in a handy tin so you can keep them safe to use again and again. 


Price:  $23.95 (16-piece) 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden

Beeswax Candle Making Kit


Why We Love It: There are few things better than watching your child enjoy countless hours of entertainment all while learning a new skill they can be proud of. This beeswax kit contains everything you need to make a wide variety of different candle designs and is made in the USA. 


Price: $19.95 (different variations available) 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Nature Kaleidoscope Kit


Why We Love It: This kit includes everything you need to make a kaleidoscope inspired by nature. The kids will have a blast constructing it and trying out the endless possibilities that the included flowers, stones and other items provide. They can even find their own small items and see what new patterns their imaginations can create! 


Price: $14.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden


Stockmar Block Crayons


Why We Love It: These safe beeswax crayons feature brilliant, realistic colors that will make little drawings come alive. The fat, rectangular size is just right for small children who can easily break stick crayons. Less frustration and more fun! 


Price:  $13.95 (8 crayons) or $23.95 (16 crayons) 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Giant Colored Pencils


Why We Love It: These colored pencils are another perfect fit for small hands–as well as for older kids. With a rounded triangular design and thick leads they won’t easily break, and the colors are amazing. This set also comes with a special colorless pencil to facilitate shading and blending! With proper care they could easily last for years. 


Price: $25.95 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Personalized Christmas Ornament


Why We Love It: These lovely and unique wooden ornaments come in a variety of styles and can be personalized with any message. The kids can color them to their liking to make them even more unique. They are beautifully constructed using FSC certified hardwoods in WI, USA. A tree is planted for every one sold.


Price: $14.00


Where to Buy: Little Sapling Toys






Window Crayons for Glass


Why We Love It: Looking for a unique way to entertain the kids? This is it! Whether they’re decorating for a special occasion or just being creative the little ones will adore being able to draw where they never have before–all over the window! The crayons are made of non-toxic, water-soluble wax and clean up with just a little soap and water. They work on plastic too. 


Price:  $12.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





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