As a Mother: My Mother’s Day Wish

My Mother's Day


Goodness, I’m already tired of seeing and reading about the cover. You know the one, right? I don’t really have to show you again, do I?


I don’t know many mothers that feel supported by that photo. Actually, it feels more like making fun of, accusing, and belittling all mothers, not simply those who choose to practice extended breastfeeding. This photo, with its accusatory headline is laughing at all mothers:


“Are you mother enough?”


And the thing is, most people won’t even bother reading the article. They’ll make uneducated judgements against breastfeeding mothers based on fear and ignorance.


Mothering is the hardest job many of us will ever experience and the last thing we need is to be ridiculed in the mainstream media by an organization that just wants to profit from the controversy. Watching the fallout in the media the last few days has been sickening. It’s especially disturbing to see mothers attacking one another for their personal parenting choices.


Mothers attacking mothers – Is this what we’ve come to? How is it that judgement is so easy to hand out? Where is our empathy? Where is our solidarity? Everyday mothers make choices with the intent of parenting as well as they can. We have different resources, different guiding principles and different approaches, but the end goal is the same: we all want to raise happy, well-adjusted, thriving people.


It’s time for a new set of tools. It’s time for a change in how we interact. I’m ready. Are you in?


For Mother’s day, I wish…


    • that as mothers, we stand up to support other mothers


    • that as mothers, we have the freedom to chose what is best for our own family


    • that as mothers, we feel supported and find access to the resources we need


    • that as mothers, we stop judging what we don’t understand


    • that as mothers, we stop comparing ourselves to other mothers


    • that as mothers, we collectively honor all mothers on their journey


    • that as mothers, we all ask ourselves: what are we doing to cultivate peace? then act on it


    • that as mothers, we come to believe that Yes, we are indeed mother enough


Wishing you all a day of love. May Mother’s day find you surrounded by your own supportive, nurturing village.


And join the conversation: what would you put on your wish list?


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