At Home in Maine: a new online film series about homebirth

Homebirth in the US has increased by 20%.  “At Home in Maine”, a new online film series about homebirth and midwifery care shows us why.  The series features eleven films that present authentic intimate portraits of the homebirth experience and is produced by filmmaker Nicolle Littrell of Woman in the Moon Films.  Several of the films also look at the politics around homebirth, including a campaign for licensure by Maine’s Certified Professional Midwives.  The films can be viewed via rental or as a digital download at:

“At Home in Maine” is not just for Mainers–and not just about homebirth–but about normal, natural, woman-centered birth.  The series is an excellent resource for women and their families to learn about this choice in childbirth–and makes a terrific addition to professional or academic lending libraries.

Watch the series trailer here.

Watch the most recent trailer for At Home in Morrill, Maine:



Melanie Mayo-Laakso


Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one’s best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.

2 thoughts on “At Home in Maine: a new online film series about homebirth”

  1. As one of the women featured in this film, I’m sure this reply comes off as a biased comment. However, I cannot say enough about Nicolle and the work she has done over the years. Her energy, positive encouragement, and fierce determination to make homebirth mainstream is so inspiriing! She attended my homebirth and brought such love and respect to the experience. Please watch her films and enjoy the many ways babies are brought Earthside at home. You will be moved to tears and laugh until your sides ache.

    Thank you Nicolle, for being you.

    Jenn Currier

    “At Home in Winthrop”

  2. The thanks goes out entirely to you, Jenn and your wonderful husband, James who so graciously and generously allowed me to step into your world and film Robbie’s gorgeous home waterbirth. And to all the other women and their families who have participated in At Home in Maine.

    What would this project be without brave, beautiful and feisty mamas like yourself? Because of your interest in, trust and commitment to helping to educate women about homebirth women everywhere are able to watch these films and learn more about this choice. And to see what normal, natural birth looks like–something that most people in the US unfortunately do not have.

    But times are a changin’–homebirth is on the rise in the US by 20%. I believe that the Natural Birth/Parenting community on the Internet is a big reason why. At Home in Maine, and other birth-related websites are part of this movement. Women are sharing their wisdom and resources and re-educating themselves about their choices in childbirth. Feels like a revolution to me! Now it’s just about helping to make these choices available to all women, regardless of location or economic status.

    Thank you so much for including “At Home in Maine” on this site. Feels right at home…

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