Athena Catches A Pee (Sort Of)!

AthenaHoldingLeoneI know I promised to write about making Leone laugh this week but she’s actually been quite a serious little creature lately and we’re all still perfecting Leone Laughing Techniques so I’m putting off that post until next week.

Instead I have a story to tell you.

“My baby, my baby,” 9-year-old Athena said this morning after she got dressed. “I want to hold her Mommy!”

I passed Leone to Athena and made oatmeal for Athena and Etani and scrambled eggs and toast for Hesperus (who, by the way, is eating us out of house and home. She’s only ten. What will we do when the kids are teenagers?!)

Leone was happy in Athena’s arms for a long time.

Then she made a fussing noise. It’s hard to describe. It’s sort of like a low-pitched whine, a small complaint that isn’t really a fuss but is more like a call for attention. It’s a sound she has started making, sometimes (only sometimes), when she needs a pottytunity.

Her diaper was dry. “I think she needs to go pee,” I said to Athena.

“I’m going to take her Mommy. Will you show me what to do?”

I was still cooking the eggs on the stove and didn’t rush after Athena. She came back in with Leone in her arms smiling sheepishly.

“Mom,” Athena said in a happy voice. “Leone went pee in her potty!”

I could tell that wasn’t the whole story.


“But I didn’t know she went so I forgot to make the sound.”

“That’s okay,” I said. I could tell that wasn’t the whole story either.

“But,” Athena began.

“You dumped it all over the floor?”

“Right,” Athena said. We both laughed. “Come see.”

Athena pointed to a small wet spot. About half the pee was still in the potty and half on the carpet in the bedroom.

Not sure where the Spilled Potty Syndrome fits into the tally of misses and catches but I count that as a point for Athena.

Plus, I hate that carpet in the bedroom.

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