Making Peace with Bullying

by Sarah Juliusson of – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter Our oldest son has been struggling off and on over the past few years being bullied – it gets better, and then it gets worse – and right now? It’s worse.

empty nest

College Boy Reeve headed back to school yesterday after a really wonderful 4-week winter holiday with us, thereby reminding me that 1. The so-called Empty Nest Syndrome—which you would think I’d be O-VER—is not just a one-time thing one goes through and then moves

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Jay

by Jay Gordon, MD This section is a web feature to compliment the articles  “Straight Talk on the 100-Day Cough,” by Dr. Lauren Feder, and “The Problem with Pertussis Vaccines,” by Barbara Loe Fisher in the January-February 2011issue of Mothering magazine. You can read

Got Loving-Kindness to Share?

I took a Mindfulness Birthing class during my first pregnancy. On the last day, our teacher guided us through a Metta Meditation, cultivating loving-kindness towards ourselves and our babies-to-be. Our teacher had us repeat intentions including, “May my baby be healthy,” “May my delivery

Fresh Start for the New Year

by Sarah Juliusson of – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter It’s 2011 friends.  In preparation for the new year, our family has been clearing, culling, and cleaning.  There was no conscious decision to do so, no commitment or declaration.  These binges