The Family Bed

By Terry BainIssue 132, September/October 2005 My son is asleep downstairs, in my bed. He’s been sleeping in my bed every night for over two years. This is where he should sleep. This is where all my children will sleep. I can’t imagine it

Compassionate Connection

Compassionate Connection: Nonviolent Communication with Children  By Inbal Kashtan Issue 110 January/February 2002 When our baby was a week old, his grandfather expressed concern that my partner and I were holding him too much. Since then, Grandpa has worried about cosleeping and extended nursing,

Maternity Center Questions

By Michelle CrouchWeb Exclusive – February 13, 2009 When I was expecting my first baby, the nurses who gave the hospital tour stressed how comfortable the hospital was with natural childbirth. Instead of asking specific questions about what that meant, I believed them. I

Special Report: Vaccines

  Mothering’s Special Report on Vaccines showcases current and past Mothering articles and resources on the topic of vaccine safety and efficacy. Join the Discussion            • Peggy on Pregnancy & Vaccines • General Vaccine Forums • I’m Not Vaccinating • Selective & Delayed

Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies

Have some sweet and spooky fun with these great natural Jack-O’-Lantern cookies for Halloween. How: Make the spelt cookie recipe (listed below) Roll out dough and cut into pumpkin shapes Bake cookies and let cool Make yam frosting recipe (listed below) Spread the yam