What is an avatar? An MDC avatar is a non-animated image hosted above your username. All members are entitled to host a non-commercial avatar. Avatars should not direct members to other websites. Please respect the diversity of the community and do not place images that are violent, related to abortion, contain profanity or are sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our community. All avatars are subject to approval by the board administration, and we reserve the right to remove any avatar we deem inappropriate. Please consider MDC’s Web Statement of Purpose before submitting an avatar to ensure your image is aligned with our community’s purpose. Also consider online privacy concerns when placing identifying photographs. From our FAQ



How do I personalize my Profile and change my avatar?

Personalizing your community profile and adding items to Your List are two of the best ways for you to tell the rest of the community about yourself.  Feel free to answer any or all of the profile questions, add items to your List, and change your avatar.  Learn more about how to personalize your profile in our Community Profile TutorialAvatars may not contain business-related imagery or text without a current Advertiser’s package.


Change Your Avatar

Your avatar is the picture associated with your user account. Your avatar (or picture) will follow you around the community next to your forum posts to help other users identify you. Feel free to upload your own image according to the terms of service. Only MDC Advertisers may host business-related avatars. A business-related avatar would be an avatar containing text, imagery or reference to one’s business, site or blogHere is a link to MDC’s basic images.

  1. Navigate to your profile by clicking on the "My Profile" tab.
  2. Underneath your existing avatar, there is a "Replace Image" button.
  3. Click the "Replace Image" button to pull up the Image tool. 
  4. You can choose to upload an image from your desktop or import an image from an external URL.
  5. When you are done, click "OK."  Your profile will reload to display your new avatar.


Access the MotheringDotCommunity Standard Avatars

To access the MotheringDotCommunity standard avatars, go to http://www.mothering.com/community/join2 or use one of the images below – click for full size.



mothering-av2.jpg mothering-av3.jpg
mothering-av4.jpg mothering-av5.jpg mothering-av6.jpg
mothering-av7.jpg mothering-av8.jpg mothering-av9.jpg
mothering-av10.jpg mothering-anniversary-logo.jpg Maternal Roots.jpg