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Hi! We now have the ability to post in BB Code (Bulletin Board Code) which is similar what we used use to format posts with our previous vBulletin software. While BB Code is simpler and offers fewer options, the basics are still here: bold, italic, underline, image posting, quote boxes and hyperlinking abilities. There’s also a list of smilies over to the right.

For those having problems with the current default editor (Rich Text) due to browser issues, BB Code might help. As an added benefit, those using BB Code editor can directly type smilie code into their posts using smilie code. You can simply type the : ) and smile.gif will appear.


We would recommend BB Code especially for those who are having problems in Firefox or who are on a mobile phone. BB Code is "lighter" and "faster" for your browser to deal with so it’s a nice option for anyone who’s having problems with the default browser (Rich Text). 

To enable the BB Code, you can go to your My Profile link at the top of your page (next to Calendar) myprofilescreenshot.png


and then click Edit Account Details





Then scroll all the way down to Preferred Editor Type. Rich Text is the Default:


Then, select BB Code: 



Make sure to Save your changes.




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