Babies-at-Work Pilot Programs

The Parenting in the Workplace Institute is currently launching an initiative to set up pilot baby programs in organizations. The program is free to participating businesses. According to Babies in the Workplace, the program has proved successful for every organization that has taken it on, including law firms, credit unions, government agencies, and management consulting firms.

Businesses that sign up for the program will receive the following resources free of charge: a detailed baby program policy and legal waiver forms for participants; free copies of their books about babies-at-work programs; template documents for disseminating information about the program to personnel; and assistance in promoting the program to the public and the media.

The first several mothers to participate in each company’s pilot will receive a high-end lactation program provided by LifeCare.

To find out more, please visit or contact Carla Moquin of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute at (801) 897-8702 or

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