Baby, baby, baby ohh

The pollen count is off the charts this week so please excuse any typos, incomplete thoughts or out-of-place references to American Idol.

(Glad Big Mike got the save although I’m rooting for Crystal with the dreads).

Which gets me thinking about music and how my house is lately undergoing a musical transformation of sorts.

Cue Justin Beiber:

Baby, baby, baby ohh

Like baby, baby, baby noo

Like baby, baby, baby ohh

I thought you’d always be mine,mine (oh oh)

Yes, we’re under siege. My almost- 11 year old has discovered Justin Beiber. And he has an iPod with speakers. At breakfast this morning I was asked:

“Mom, do you want to listen to Justin Beiber or American Rejects?”

His brother wanted Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

“No,” Jacob replied. “She’s weird.”

And Justin Beiber’s not?

So there we were, 6.45am, Justin Beiber’s “Baby” playing and all I could think was: where did all my classical music go? Those “Bath time with Beethovan”CDs I played for the boys every night as they climbed into their aromatherapy baths? How can two home birth boys listen to this nonsense?

And then as Jacob danced with his eggs to the breakfast table singing those inspiring “Baby, baby. baby. ohh”  lyrics I had a four-word flashback.

Da Do Run Run.

If you’re my age all that could mean is Shaun Cassidy. Oh, how I loved Shaun Cassidy, worshiped him, and dragged my mother and my best friend Tracey Miller to see him at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden.

Met her on a Monday and my eyes stood still,

Da do Run Run Run

Da Do Run Run.

Somebody told me that her name was Jill.

Da Do Run Run Run,

Da Do Run Run.

Great lyrics? Which brings me back to Justin Beiber, breakfast this morning and kids and their music. I took several deep breaths over breakfast and reflected on my Shaun Cassidy obsession which allowed me to let Justin Beiber mania to be what it is: a harmless phase that makes my kids smile and eyes twinkle. What’s so bad about that?

Pleasure matters, and for Jacob right now it’s Justin Beiber.

After breakfast to Jacob’s delight I swung my hips with him to “baby baby baby ohh” and, unexpectedly, it didn’t sound that bad.

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