Baby Beats Odds and Photo Goes Viral

A picture of a newborn holding the birth control method that was supposed to prevent pregnancy has gone viral!You’ve probably seen it by now — a picture of a newborn holding the birth control method that was supposed to prevent pregnancy has gone viral, because, well, irony!

Alabama mom Lucy Hellein posted a picture of her new baby boy Dexter on Facebook, and her photo went viral because Dexter was holding a Mirena coil in his hand. The intrauterine device (IUD) claims it is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, but Dexter is clearly a statistical wizard because even though Hellein had it implanted, he beat the odds.

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Dexter is her third child, and Hellein says her doctors believe that she may have gotten pregnant about three weeks after it was implanted. Thankfully, Hellein’s placenta grew over the device while she was pregnant, keeping Dexter miraculously safe the entire time.

Contrary to what many are passing around on the web as Dexter being born holding the Mirena, Hellein confirms that it was not, but that it was a surprise that they found it because her doctors assumed that since she was pregnant and progressing well, it had obviously fallen out.

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Hellein says she was never so sure about that, and the proof was in the placenta when doctors removed it during her cesarean delivery. Dexter was born healthy at 9 pounds, and Hellein says that even though he wasn’t planned, she and her family are thrilled he’s with them, and believe he was simply meant to be in this world.

This was Hellein’s third IUD placement, and she said her previous two had worked well. In light of this last placement, however, she had her fallopian tubes removed after she gave birth.

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