Baby Dove Pulls Offensive Breastfeeding Ad in U.K.

Baby Dove pulled this campaign after public outrage.Baby Dove pushed boundaries by creating an ad asking people about their opinion on breastfeeding in public. After over 360 complaints, Baby Dove pulled the campaign from publication.

The ad looks simple enough, but the offensiveness drives deep for many mothers. “75% say breastfeeding in public is fine. 25% say put them away. What’s your way?” covers the top of the ad. Baby Dove completed the ad with a beautiful picture of a breastfeeding infant.

Photo Credit Unilever via AdAge
Photo Credit Unilever via AdAge

Mothers are furious. They believe the ad could undermine other mothers and discourage new mothers from attempting to breastfeed in public. Mothers question why breastfeeding in public matters to other people. Plus, their product has nothing to do with breastfeeding. Was the ad created simply to stir up a debate?

A Touchy Subject

Breastfeeding in public is a sensitive topic. Throughout the years, mothers organized numerous nurse-ins, from restaurants to Target stores. The #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement is strong.

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While Baby Dove claims their intention was to “celebrate the diversity of parents,” mothers feel that it would further divide parents. The conversation often turns into insult slinging on both sides. One of the biggest worries was that, after seeing the ad, a new mother might lose confidence in herself.

Breastfeeding can feel lonely when you have no support. A large corporation ad may make new mothers feel even more alone. Loneliness during motherhood, especially after the birth of your child, can lead to postpartum depression. Embracing, rather than judging, is the answer.

Parenting is Hard Work

Parenting is hard, and the last thing mothers need to feel is criticism because of their parenting choices. Baby Dove’s ad makes it seem as if it’s okay to feel a mother has no right to breastfeed her child in public. It furthers the debate and argument that is constantly circling on social media.

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The picture Baby Dove chose is beautiful! The wording, however, caused over 360 people to send complaints to their corporation. It is easy to understand why women are upset. If Baby Dove wanted to encourage the diversity of mothers and embrace all decisions, the question shouldn’t be included. Mothers wanted to see an embracing slogan, rather than a question posed to divide mothers.

Do you think that Baby Dove’s ad was offensive?

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