Baby Fever: 5 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner That You’re Ready for Another Baby

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Baby feverPlease note: This article is intended to be humorous so please read it with that in mind. 

People often think that half the fun of having children is actually… making them. But in reality, for many of us, we first have to CONVINCE dad that another baby is a good idea. You can find countless ideas online about announcing your pregnancy, but not so many about how to convince (cajole, trick, persuade, etc) your partner that it is actually time to start trying again.

So, for your reading pleasure, here are a few tips for getting the guy on board with making baby number two (or three, or four, or five…)


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Tip 1: Make PMS Your Enemy

Sometimes all it takes to convince your partner that it is time to have another baby is a complete PMS freak out. If he comes home to you bloated, eating bonbons and weeping to the Hallmark Channel while chocolate drips down your face, the idea of those nine months without Aunt Flo just sounds that much more tempting. 



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Tip 2: Hint, Hint

Now if subtlety isn’t your thing, you can always invest in a briefcase full of pregnancy tests. When your main man opens the medicine cabinet and 50 plastic sticks that scream “Pee On ME!” come crashing into the sink…let’s just say it sends a message.





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Tip 3: Do Your Best June Cleaver Impression

I don’t know about you, but I am a liberated, modern woman. I can’t remember the last time I wore heels to vacuum and I have never owned a string of pearls. Still, I have a feeling that embracing some of the traits of that forever famous housewife might be just the trick if you want to convince your squeeze that it is time to try again for a baby. Imagine it…

“Why am I cleaning with fresh lipstick and a pencil skirt and perfect hair? Well, because I just love you honey! Sit down and read the paper while I grab you a cup of warm milk. Then tell me about your day! I love your voice.”

Most everybody secretly loves being waited on and receiving over the top compliments.You. Are. Welcome.


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Tip 4: Feel Pretty

Then again, another clever approach is the confident woman scheme. Don’t worry about your stretch marks or leaking milk – you are sexy and he wants you! Invest in some cute (or tacky) underwear, remind yourself that you’ve still “got it” and remind him too. Sometimes when we are watching our kids all day we forget the many other aspects of our personality (and our relationship!)



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Tip 5: Be Honest

I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, risqué or even clever, but there is always the old reliable approach we like to call “communication.” Sometimes the best answer is the most straightforward one where you just act like a grown up and say, “I think I am ready to have another baby. What about you?!”

(I am not going to tell you what to do, but the honest conversation might be more likely to get you the answer you want if you employ a combination of tips one through four – i.e. pearls, lipstick, push-up bra and a box of pregnancy tests can really help a lady get what she wants.)

When it comes down to it, choosing when to add another life to yours is a decision both sacred and monumental. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. Good luck in your quest and don’t forget to enjoy the trip!


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you HeatherMarieS! But I think this article was not meant to be taken too seriously. It’s a light-hearted piece, one that shows that positioning yourself and the relationship in a playful

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