Baby is at Your Fingertips With the Arlo Smart Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby Smart Monitor lets you see into your baby's world.As technology advances, products come out that blow our minds. The Arlo Baby Smart Monitor is one such product, as it lets you see your baby’s world at the tap of your fingers.

I’ll admit it. When my son was born, his baby monitor was my best friend. I have no shame in saying I hovered, wondering every second if he was comfortable, and yes, checking even to make sure he was breathing. I also had a sound machine for him, one that was voice activated so when he woke in the middle of the night, it would turn back on to soothe him to sleep.

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The Arlo Baby Smart Monitor was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and was a big hit, being honored for the Innovations Award. Its smart features allow you to see and talk to your baby using your phone from anywhere in the world. You can activate its built-in lullabies or record your own voice so baby can always hear you.Arlo Baby Monitor is like a smart supernanny

It has infrared LED lights that are nearly invisible, which allow you to have crystal clear advanced night vision so you can see your little love. The 1080p HD video display means the end of fuzzy images and trying to make out exactly what is going on in baby’s room! Its ambient sensors are another fabulous feature. They let your mind rest knowing the temperature, humidity and even air quality level in baby’s room so you can ensure the perfect environmental conditions.

And, the technology on the Arlo is pretty amazing. It monitors sound, which is not necessarily unusual for a baby monitor, but it is able to detect whether the sound you hear is the baby crying or just making some adorable noises as she resettles herself for sleep. More importantly, if there is anything else happening that you should know about, the Arlo picks that sound up too, notifying you of whether there is an immediate need to check into anything.arlo-baby-monitor

The Arlo monitor has adorable character accessories that make it a friend to your little as he grows, and comes with thousands of colors as part of its function as a smart night light. As your baby grows, you can choose different colors of lights to lull her to sleep, and the best part of Arlo is that it isn’t immobile!

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No more only having the ability to monitor baby when he is in his bedroom. The Arlo has a moveable stand and can go just about anywhere you’d like. For those who travel, that’s a lifesaver when looking for a spot to put the monitor!

The Arlo Baby monitor is now available for sale, and you can buy it or learn more about it on the website. Check it out — it’s one of the coolest monitors we’ve seen!

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