BabyBunz Mega Cloth Diaper Giveaway and Flash Sale!

We may be thinking about gifts, but the babies in our lives still need their cute booties wrapped in the best cloth diapers available, day and night. Right? Here’s where this fantastic BabyBunz giveaway comes in. BabyBunz has supported Mothering for years; the mama-owned company was and continues to be a pioneer in the cloth diapering world. And now BabyBunz wants to bless you with a beautiful selection of cloth diaper items.

Given that it’s gift-giving time, BabyBunz is also offering a Flash Sale (for 3 days only) on a trio of Mini Discovery puzzles, usually $7.95 each, or a Set of 3 for $17.95 (Cat, Bird, & Butterfly). But BabyBunz is taking an additional $5 off to make the total $12.95 for a set of 3. To get the discount, use this code at checkout: FSDP.

and a book: Mother’s Nature…Timeless Wisdom for the Journey into Motherhood ~ Regular Price: $17.95; Flash Sale price: $12.95. You get $5 off at checkout when ordering this item with promo code FSMN. Order these items 12/9, 12/10, or 12/11, but after that, the codes will expire.

BabyBunz & Co. is giving away the following cloth diapering pot o’ gold to one lucky A la Mama reader:

FIVE Easy Fit diapers,* hybrid one-piece/one-size/pocket diaper from Tots Bots in Scotland. They come in a variety of solids and prints–you, the winner, get to choose your fave five (depending on availability). Here are some of my faves: Mushroom-MagicCherryliciousCosmicStarburst

ONE Snugglebottom fitted cloth diaper

ONE Nikky Diaper Cover (any style/size)

ONE Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Print (any size, in one of their brand NEW prints)

Please read more about BabyBunz & Co. here.

Okay! So how do you enter this fantabulous giveaway?

1. Click here and Like BabyBunz’ Facebook page!

2. If you’re on Twitter, follow BabyBunz on Twitter.

3. Leave a comment below stating that you liked BabyBunz on Facebook and and followed them on Twitter (no penalty for not being a Tweeter, by the way).

4. For extra credit (i.e., the chance to leave another comment and have another chance to win), share a bit of trivia you gathered from the BabyBunz website, i.e., what year their business began, some great aspect to one of their products…in a second comment.


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303 thoughts on “BabyBunz Mega Cloth Diaper Giveaway and Flash Sale!”

  1. Im doing cloth diapers for the first time with my second daughter and wish I would have done them with my first! I would love to have one of your beautiful diaper covers ours now are mainly just plain white!

  2. checked out thier site…founded in 1982. They have adorable designs for the cloth diapers. I am so excited to start cloth diapering my little girl when she arrives in february! Thank you.

  3. Extra credit entry:

    I love that they have been in business for nearly 30 years (since 1982) and that they share so much great cloth diapering information on their site. I much prefer ordering from retailers that have lots of experience with the products they sell!

  4. “Tests have shown that rayon from bamboo absorbs moisture 70% more quickly than cotton (on contact), and dries 20% faster.”


  5. I “liked” them on facebook, please enter me in the giveaway.

    I love the “planet” diaper and am interested in seeing how a natural pocket works compared to the fleece synthetic pocket works on my current cloth diapers. Thanks 🙂

  6. I love the variety of products that they carry- everything from fitted to all-in-one diapers, organic cotton inserts, even swimmers!

  7. Liked you on fb and now following you on twitter!

    Extra credit: It appears your son was the inspiration for your business – finding a woolen cover for one of his diapers began your own enterprise!

  8. I was surprised to learn the company has been around so long! Since 1982!! Wow, Wonder what products they carried back them, diapers have changed so much!!

  9. oops i was supposed to leave this part in a second comment, so here you go. i currently use cloth diapers but they have a synthetic pocket, I see on your facebook and products page you say you have natural cloth as the pocket, so I’m interested in comparing and see how they work. thanks.

  10. Trivia: The company has expanded since moving to Washington State from California. They also carry the cutest rainbow tie dye organic socks!

  11. Wow you’ve been in business for over 20 years! I love the Rainbow Silk blanket, it looks perfect to snuggle up with.

  12. This is my first adventure in cloth diapering and I am really excited to be using healthier products for on baby and for the planet. I really like that they have added products that are organic or made of natural, unbleached materials.

  13. extra credit:

    They offer several different types of cloth diapers. And they give clear explanations about them. Helpful for me since next year will be my first time cloth diapering.

  14. I “liked” them on FB,m please enter me!! Im brand new to cloth diapering- just started a week ago and Im going through LOTS of trial and error even though I really cant afford to…. It’d be great to win so I can stop snagging from the bills I alreay have!

  15. great company! Founded in 1982 they are coming up on there 29th birthday… if i can do math this morning. They offer a wide range of cloth diapers and look like an eco savy company!

  16. I did business with Baby Bunz when my ds was a baby. He is 20 now! I love how your business & products have grown. Congrats! I’m around many moms & moms-to-be and would love to share some of your goods with them! Most of them don’t even know what modern cloth diapering is about! Thanks! Friended on facebook.

  17. WOW! the company started a year before my birth (1982)! It’s good to know that “modern-style” cloth diapering has had that much experience, lol!

  18. I liked baby bunz on facebook – having my first child in 7 weeks and embarking on cloth diapering – these would sure come in handy!

  19. Just found out they carry wooden picture books….I have been looking for these to purchase at every store I know of!! My new shopping experience will commence once my bank account feels a little less empty. 🙂

  20. I like your selection of mama care items. Morning sickness caps, diaper/thrush cream & remedies. I still have an old tube of the kid’s weleda diaper cream! I love the smell of it and use it on my wrists on occasion just so I can smell it! (weird, I know!)

  21. I learned that “Baby Bunz & Co. became the first to offer Nikkys to parents across the country through Mothering magazine”.

    How awesome is that?!

  22. Here’s something from the website that I can appreciate– they only sell items that are “environmentally sensible, practical, and pleasing to the senses”!

  23. Baby Bunz has been offering natural and organic baby basics and cloth diaper essentials for over 20 years.

    There are not a lot of cloth diaper companies that can say that!!

  24. I love ALL of these diapers!! I liked Baby Bunz on Facebook (username Amy Lincoln MacDonald) and followed on Twitter (username amylincmac).

  25. I learned that Baby Bunz & Co. was opened in 1982… way before cloth diapering was cool 🙂 I like that they sell high-quality, eco-friendly items.

  26. I loved seeing Purple Haze Lavender in the Resources section, along with a shout out to the Sequim Lavender Festival. We went a few years ago, and I can’t wait to go back!

  27. Liked ya’ll on facebook. And checked out your website and was pleased to find much more than just diapers! I like that you offer stuff for mamas and babies alike!

  28. I liked them on Facebook, but I don’t have a Twitter account. I have been wanting to try easy fits because I LOVE the color choices, I have also been wanting to try Snuggle Bottoms, and BSWW are already a favorite of mine. This is a giveaway dream come true! <3 <3 <3 Love it love it love it!

    The thing that I learned is that Baby Bunz has been around longer than me.

    I think this is the best giveaway yet, have I mentioned?

  29. I love that BabyBunz has a great selection of cute and practical organic clothing for my baby! And organic nursing pads for me too!

  30. Bonus Entry: I checked out their nipple cream and learned that lanolin and vitamin E should not be ingested. Good to know since I’ll be breastfeeding for the first time (2nd child) in March. 🙂


  31. Liked you on FB! So excited to see these fabulous prints! I’ve never seen BabyBunz before but we are a CD family!!! Adorable!

  32. I read more about Snugglebottoms – I’d never heard about these fitteds. I’ve been looking for a good fitted option for a newborn and these might be good – 9 layers of absorbency is awesome! $25 for 6 is a pretty good price too!

  33. How exciting they moved to NW WA! I am from central WA with family on the westside…I will definitely check them out when I am on that side again!

  34. I like babybunz- catherine harris brown, and I follow you on [email protected]

  35. I liked Baby Bunz on facebook (and have always loved them in real life, too–they have wonderful service and GREAT products)!

  36. the easy fit diapers come a one size fits all option which fits babies from 8lbs to 35lbs and the diaper also has adjustable absorbency.

  37. I love the fact that they were the first to be offering Nikkys to a larger population, through Mothering, of course! 🙂

  38. Ohhhh I want to win this giveaway super super suuuuupeeer bad! lol. I liked babybunz on FB! Don’t really know how to work the twitter thing unfortunately.

  39. I like that they originally created the product for their son – a lot of caring has to go into something like that. I also love those Boo Boo bunnies – what a novel idea! I am going to have to put that on my wish list for sure. 🙂
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..

  40. I checked out their website and discovered their really cute and functional BooBoo Bunnies. What a great way to get a child to use ice on an owie. Plus I liked all their bath products and wash cloths. Great size and combo of flannel and Terry.

  41. I Liked on Facebook! I am having my 3rd baby this summer (8 years since my last one!) and this would be my first time cloth diapering, so this would be aweosme!

  42. I liked babybunz on FB. This is an exciting giveaway! I’m still a CD novice even though I’m expecting my 3rd baby. I’m really hoping to build up a nice stash of CDs and nix the disposables all together. I’m excited about how cute and comfy these diapers look.

  43. I learned that they have been in business since 1982 and offer a number that customers can call to get help making diapering and other natural parenting choices. Nice!

  44. I liked on FB, sorry I don’t do Twitter!

    I learned on their website that they have been around longer than me, I think that is awesome!

  45. I learned from the website that BabyBunz has been around since 1982 and that they moved from Washington to California.

  46. I liked BabyBunz on facebook!

    I learned they started out their business retailing Nikky’s diapers through Mothering magazine.

  47. i learned from the website that not only were they the first to offer Nikky’s diaper covers across the U.S., but they did it through Mothering magazine! yea mothering magazine…i love you guys!

  48. Baby Bunz began in 1982 with a pure woolen Nikky diaper cover. With a wish to make these quality diaper covers available for other babies, Baby Bunz & Co. became the first to offer Nikkys to parents across the country through Mothering magazine.

  49. trivia- the svan highchair can accomidate baby up through adolsence- unfortunatlye the lime and pink cusions have been discontinued!!! 🙂

  50. In keeping with our environmental concerns, we do not routinely mass-mail our catalogs, and our hope is that this website will lessen the need for them even more.

  51. I’m liking it on facebook & following on twitter. Those are some super cute tushy-covers, wow! As if baby bums weren’t cute enough to start.

  52. I love it when a company starts because a mom (like Carynia)finds a product she knows is great, and knows other moms would love it, too. I whole-heartedly encourage any new mom (or new-again mom, because not everyone has their children at once- some begin again much later) to use cloth diapers, especially organic, unbleached cotton- like babybunz uses to make their diapers. I wonder if Carynia’s son (now 28? years old) is going to use mom’s diapers on his own children.
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Office Party of One =-.

  53. I liked BabyBunz on Facebook! BabyBunz have been a member of Green America since 2003. And I love their variety of natural toys…but my favorite item on the website is the “Lamby Lambskin”!

  54. I love the Green Living section. I am learning so much. My husband is a pest tech and I love the non toxic pest control. I’ve been shopping on there and love the site!

  55. Did you know there is a restaurant in Roseville Ca. called Bunz & Co? It is owned by former 49er Danny Bunz. Oh yeah… these diaper covers make using cloth diapers simple for all involved and they hold up well so they can be passed on or sold when they aren’t needed anymore and people who cant afford new ones can find them used too.

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