Babywearing Hike Celebrates International Babywearing Week

In celebration of the third annual International Babywearing Week, Boulder based company Belle Baby Carriers organized a ‘Babywearing Hike’ for local families on Thursday October 13th.  About 20 moms along with their babies, kids, and even doggies came out to partake in the fun. A Denver TV news station also came up & featured the event. Carriers of all shapes and sizes were represented on this beautiful Fall day.

Belle’s goal was two-fold: to bring like-minded parents together for some some outdoor fun, and to also focus the community’s attention on the important practice of babywearing.  ‘Babywearing,’ a term coined by pediatrician and author Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha Sears, simply means carrying a baby or young child on one’s body using a baby carrier. Not only does babywearing allow parents to have both hands free while carrying their children, but research is also shedding light on how this practice has numerous benefits for children. See Mothering’s Special Report on Babywearing for resources and share your own babywearing pics here.

The hike clearly demonstrated one of the many benefits of using a carrier: that it enables parents to take their babies to places that cars or strollers can’t go, including hiking trails. Whether one uses a sling, traditional fabric wrap or a more structured carrier like the Belle Baby Carrier, babywearing allows families to explore the world more extensively than baby/toddler legs can go alone.  And perhaps best of all- as the photos of the happily families demonstrate – most little ones love being worn.

About Belle Baby Carriers

Belle Baby Carriers specializes in direct contact front carriers that promote parent-baby bonding. Belle’s streamlined designs feature the perfect balance of style, comfort, and simplicity.  Belle’s award-winning carriers are sold in retail stores across the country and online.

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