Babywearing International’s Guidelines for Sling Safety

March 14, 2010

From Babywearing International:

“In light of the recent advisory by Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding baby sling safety, Babywearing International would like to remind caregivers that wearing an infant in a well-constructed carrier and using proper babywearing techniques are of utmost importance. When done properly, babywearing is a very safe and beneficial parenting tool.

When caregivers learn to use their carriers properly while keeping safety and common sense in mind, babywearing can be just as safe, or safer, as carrying a baby in-arms. At BWI, we view babywearing as a skill that can be learned: many volunteers across the United States and throughout the world are committed to helping mothers learn baby carrier safety and proper babywearing methods. “

Babywearing International’s “Infant Babywearing Safety” page lists important guidelines for keeping your baby safe in a sling. Visit the page to read the guidelines.

Also visit Babywearing International’s “Babywearing Safety: Are Baby Slings Safe” page for more information on babywearing safety.

Mothering Resources on Babywearing:

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Hold Me Close: The Many Advantages to Wearing Your Baby, by Christine Gross-Loh

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