Back from Hiatus + More Historic Breastfeeding Photos

So! As usual I have succumbed to yet another hiatus. I am trying to blog more regularly about historic breastfeeding, but life keeps getting in the way and before I know it a day has turned into a week and then a week has turned into a month. Yada. Yada. You’ve heard it before…

To help me gain more energy and focus, I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend, Penny of, to assist me with my food choices and meditation. There

is so much that I want to accomplish in my life, but at the moment, everything is really stagnant and I find myself with so little time to do the things I love, like write and research for this blog, for instance! With Penny’s help I plan to get back on track and blog here more often. And if all else fails you can always nudge me on Twitter or email me at jjames[at] and tell me to post again!!

With all that said, Krista, a reader, sent me links to historic breastfeeding photographs that she found and I’d like to share them with you.

Both of the pictures are from the Life photo collection on Google. The first shows the common-law wife of farmer Pedro Pablo Caceres breast-feeding infant in 1964. Paraquay. The second photograph was also taken in 1964 and shows an Israeli mother breast feeding her baby.

Thank you, Krista, for taking the time to send me these photographs and for reading this blog. Thank you also for your patience. I was delighted by your email and am thrilled that you enjoy spending time reading what I dig up about historic breastfeeding. — Jennifer

4 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus + More Historic Breastfeeding Photos”

  1. Wonderful site. I really enjoy this site. I am going to add a link from my blog. Thank you for putting the work in, this is beautiful!!

  2. I cannot understand why some people think that seeing a mother breastfeeding in public is inappropriate. I say that if it offends people, they can just look the other way!

    I believe that we should never reject something as natural as breastfeeding our children. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

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