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It’s that classic final week of summer and I have to say, I’m ready for school to begin again.

IMG_0944 - CopyCall me a grouch if you need to, but this readiness has nothing to do with my Love of summer, my joy at having our boys at home with us, or my longing to spend each and every day outside in the sun.  As Jennifer Margulis wrote this week in her Mothering blog, these final days of summer are to be savored.

I am, quite simply, ready for rhythm again.

Way back in the final weeks of June we were so done with the rhythm and ritual of school days.  Wake up. Morning snuggles.  Baths.  After bath snuggles.  Get dressed.  Oatmeal.  Pack lunches.  Bike to school.  Bike back home.  Bike back to school to pick up youngest from Kindergarten.  Bike back home.  Bike back to school to pick up older son.  Bike back home.  Play with neighbor children.  Have dinner.  Tell bedtime stories.  Bedtime snuggles.  Sleep.

Summer has been a feast of early morning card games with the boys, playing in the garden, roaming carefree children, dinners outside, and beautiful time together.  There has indeed been rhythm in our flow – each day includes healthy doses of play, garden time, and good food, and our family rituals of sit-down meals and frequent snuggles have remained intact. Still, there is a freedom I cherish in summer, and  I adore the feeling of not knowing what a day will bring.

Here I am, revelling in the beauty and freedom of late August and yet also feeling an excitement for a return of the rhythm that the school year provides.  When I write it out as I did above, the rhythm of the school year seems daunting and oppressive.  Why on earth would I be excited about fall?

In reality, however, I know that just as our family thrives in the freedom of summer, we also cherish the structure of school.  It’s good for all of us – the boys feel held in the predicatability of the school week and the rituals of their school days, and we as parents feel gratitude for the daylight hours that will now be ours to invest in work, home, and one another.

And by the time winter break rolls around, I am confident we’ll be Very ready some cherished unstructured family time away from the school routine.  Rhythm and flow, each supporting our family so beautifully in their own way.


Are you ready for fall?

How do you find the different rhythms of summer & school days?

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