Back to Self Week #2: Spirit

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Daydream, by Chantey Dayal

We’re one week into the Back to Self 30 day Challenge!   If you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late – simply “Like” our facebook page and join in the fun.

While I hadn’t planned on doing theme weeks, our first week of the challenge seemed to focus on physical self-care. This emerged in part due to my need to care for myself during a miserable cold.  It also, however, is the aspect of self-care that is the most obvious.   Articles & websites & experts abound telling us about good nutrition, exercise, water and sleep as the path to wellness. Physical self-care can also, of course, include treats such as a good haircut, pedicure, & massage.

We’ve taken steps forward in caring for our Bodies, now it’s time for Spirit as our theme for week #2:

What activities do you engage in that nurture your spirit?

For me, these include creativity, dance, spiritual practice, yoga, alone time

Here’s the catch: For many busy mamas I know, these are the very activities that too often get set aside in favour of family and household responsibilities.  “I just don’t have time” is the mantra I hear over and over again.

This week we’re going to find the time, create the time, make the time…     Will you join us?

Much gratitude to brilliant painter Chantey Dayal for the use of her painting for this blog.  You can learn more about Chantey on her website & facebook page. Watch for more of her paintings in future postings.


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