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new banners

Just got our new eco-friendly banners back from the printer. The banners themselves are biodegradable, but our favorite part is the bamboo stands. The banners retract into beautiful bamboo boxes, made from 90% renewable resources, according to the manufacturer, Megagraphix.

Why bamboo? Here’s what they say:

“As the fastest growing plant on the planet, this low impact agro-forestry product is finding increasing use as a versatile industrial material. With a maturitythe mothering woman cycle of 3-4 years, bamboo can be a viable replacement for wood or metal components and provides a critical component in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

The banners are going with several of our gang to Anaheim for Expo West next month. Stop by and check them out if you go.


Above: Marketing Director Elizabeth Carovillano demonstraes the scale of the banners while modeling one of our new Mothering aprons. (Apologies for the poor-quality cell phone shots. Sometimes you have to take what’s available!)




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