Be a Holiday Helper!

In 2003, one of our Mothering community members, Tracy, started the first Holiday Helper thread.


Over the years the Holiday Helper program has helped thousands of families and we are proudly continuing the tradition this year.




To be eligible, a member’s family must have significant financial need. The member must have been a Mothering member for one year and have posted 500 times. In the interest of privacy and security, Families in Need remain anonymous to the community and are identified by a number. Only the administrators and moderators of Holiday Helper know their contact information.


If you would like to apply to be a Family in Need (FIN), please fill out the Holiday Helper Application (scroll down to the middle of the page) and send it in a Private Message (PM) to AdinaL. Applications will be taken on a first come first serve basis.




If you would like to help a Family in Need, here are some things you can do:


Post the gently used items you have available, items you are willing to buy or gift certificates to the “I Have Available Thread.” We’ll match you with a FIN.


Donate to a specific family by checking the Families in Need Forum. Send a Private Message to the person who started the particular thread and she will send you the family’s address.


Donate specific items by checking the Families in Need Master List where items are listed by category and are linked to the specific families who need them. Again, PM the person who started the thread for mailing information.





We need your help! As a thank you, Mothering will be providing special free promotion on our website and social media networks for companies who donate goods or funds to the program. Please contact Melanie Mayo to take part.


Thank you to the businesses who have already donated!


I’m proud to be part of such a generous community that wants to help our members in need. At a time when many of us feel uncertain about the future, we are reassured by our sense of community and inspired by our generosity. We renew each other. Thank you for helping.



For More Information Visit:

Holiday Helper FAQ


Questions: AdinaL, QueenOfTheMeadow, HappyHappyMommy



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  1. Hello. I was just wanting to know, what countrys are these families in need, posted here, in? Are there any in Australia? Thats where I am. Thank you!

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