Beat The Blues

woman drinking tea to feel betterIf you’re feeling depressed, take a look at your life and don’t be afraid to make changes to routines.

Your diet can be a big factor, make sure you’re getting enough B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Vitamin C, D, and zinc are also important. Pure, toxin-free fish oil can help keep your spirits up as well. 

Have a cup of lemon balm tea with honey and a slice of fresh lemon in the morning upon arising.

After you dress, put some essential oil on your hair or the collar of your shirt. Choose rose, ylang ylang, jasmine or neroli.

As you prepare lunch, sip a soothing “cocktail” of flower remedies. Drop 2 to 4 drops each of walnut, willow or cherry plum.

Find something you love, and do it: whether it’s reading, taking photos, learning something new, or just getting out of the house. Know that taking time to remember who you are is an important part of staying healthy for your kids. Everyone will be better off for it. It is not selfish, it is essential.

For some moms it helps to write your experiences down. Try keeping a journal, starting a blog, or writing essays about your experiences and sharing them with others.Writing what you feel can help emotions make more sense, and bring fears and sadness into the open to be dealt with.

Most importantly, don’t forget that you are not alone. There are many moms going through what you are experiencing. Find them, seek them out online or in your community, and tell them your story. Making connections will keep you strong. Mothering‘s Community, MDC, is a great place to start,

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