Because of Our Giving Now

April, 1978

There is only one lap, now.
Still four strong arms to hold two young bodies,
But only one lap for sitting
As mine grows larger with expanding life.

But we have hugs:
Blue hugs—soft with kisses,
Red hugs—firm and squeezing,
Purple, pink and green hugs.

We always stay in close touch.

And we have smooches and cuddles,
Holding hands as planes take off,
In tunnels,
On bridges.
Feeling bodies warmly touching in the night,
Tiny feet,
Open arms.

At times, the ever giving
Always demanded
Of our love
Exhausts me
And I fear I am depleted.

But always I am reminded
And revitalized
By the total love
That they give to me
Because of the love that they have known.

For them,
It will be easier
To touch,
To hold,
To care
Because of our giving


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