Becoming an Aunt

In July, I became an aunt. This past weekend, I finally got to meet my nephew, Noah. I was a little nervous about how I’d handle the encounter. Even though I was excited, I wondered: Would I be an emotional train wreck, given my infertility struggles? Turns out, holding Noah eased the ache I’ve often felt in my arms. Being an aunt is great fun. Here are the top ten things I love about my new role:

10 ~ Sniffing Noah’s head. Ahh…that newborn baby smell.

9 ~ Watching my brother and sister-in-law take care of him. Such good parents.

8 ~ Wondering where I’m coming up with the baby nicknames I call him: Buggy. Punkin’ pants. Baby No-e.

7 ~ Trying not to crack up too loudly when he nods off in my lap and his arm flops in his face.

6 ~ Enjoying events I haven’t been to in ages, like a Pumpkin Patch on a beautiful October day.

Noah (Oct 2010) 001

My sister-in-law, brother, and my nephew, Noah

5 ~ Interpreting Noah’s baby talk. I think “Ahhhh mehhh heeeeehhh” means “I love my Aunt Jenny.”

4 ~ Being surprised at how much he makes me laugh. Like when he licks his blanket. Or his mom’s arm.

3 ~ Living in the day of Facebook, so I can see updated pictures of him when I’m not around. 

2 ~ Feeling his tiny hand wrap around my pinky finger.

1 ~ Cuddle time!

Noah (Oct 2010) 004

Noah and Aunt Jenny

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