behind the scenes at issue 160

cloth-diaper-spread2 Who doesn’t love a good behind-the- scenes photo?

A peek behind the curtain that reveals the illusion you hadn’t exactly thought of as illusion.

So here’s one. The spread at right is from Jennifer Margulis‘s article on cloth diapers which appears in our current issue. The photo was shot by Denver-area photographer and mother of two, Laura Siebert.

Here’s how it looked from the
behind-the-scenesshootperspective of Julie Ekstrom from Rumparooz, who was at the shoot with Laura (showed up with an armful of cloth diapers. That’s a Ruparooz nine-month-old Manny is wearing.).

And here (below) is a favorite of mine from that same shoot: Laura Siebert in Photographer Mode, letting nothing slow her down, not even Julie’s one-year-old son, Sebastian—while proving a truth I babywranglerdiscovered several years ago:

Mother–photographers are among the world’s finest multitaskers.

Behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Julie Ekstrom.









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13 thoughts on “behind the scenes at issue 160”

  1. And the funny thing is. . . this isn’t the only shot I have of a mama photographer baby-wrangling while she shoots.

  2. Some how moms inherit multitasking jeans. My hubby cannot do it to save his life when the kids are involved. LOL

  3. Great article Laura! Im glad you found the shots useful, it was so much fun being able to observe…and help! I have to say, so no one is wondering where I was (lol) that Laura was wrangling Sebastian because I was holding the backdrops with one hand and shooting photos of Laura S. with the other!! It was a great time and I feel that meeting Laura S. was an opportunity all itself. What an amazing woman.

  4. Love these photos. I can’t get enough of babies in the colorful diapers. I like the number of comments left in the 1:00 hour. Guess they were all playing the pop quiz game!

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