behind the scenes @ issue 156

Best bits from our September–October issue, part 1.

our-faveHomemade ice cream

While considering how to illustrate an article on how easy it is to make your own ice cream, we felt it would be just plain wrong to hire somebody else to make the ice cream—the how-tos and recipes in the article seemed so simple. And, in an effort to tighten belts around here (figuratively, of course, especially in this case), we decided to shoot it ourselves, too.

So staff photographer Melyssa Holik, features editor Candace Walsh, and I each whipped up batches of ice cream at mel at workhome, using three different kinds of ice cream makers, then gathered at Candace’s house to shoot our concoctions. Naturally, we had to have a tasting bee afterward, for which Candace’s kids, Honoree and Nathaniel, generously joined us. Surprisingly, the overall favorite was the non-dairy lavender (pictured here) which Mel made. (Twice. The first batch not being pretty.) Candace, however, was a fan of the chocolate raspberry ice cream (which she made. Also twice, though her second round was due to freezer temperature difficulties.) (The kiwi sorbet I made was both not pretty and not tasty, but that’s another story.), and Nathaniel really went for the lemon thyme sorbet.

Delicious fun, indeed. Look for the recipes—and our results—in the current issue.

Top photo: Lavender ice cream (photo by Melyssa Holik)

Bottom photo: Mel sets up a shot in Candace’s kitchen.


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