Being A Mother Is Like…..

(This was written at my blog around Mother’s Day of this year, but I find that it is relevant year round!)

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Being a mother is like being caught in a recurring thunderstorm. Things are going smoothly, things are organized, clean and people are well-rested and fed.

Then, you see the storm coming-the clouds rolling in, lightning in the distance, a low rumble of thunder.

People are getting tired and cranky, hungry- you see the storm coming.

There’s a clap of thunder and the rain starts pouring down.


The house is a mess, you’re asking yourself how it got this way in the space of 20 minutes.

The girl throws a massive meltdown! And you know what? You can’t even remember what it’s about because the storm is over and there is a brilliant double rainbow in the sky and there are perfect cottonball clouds in the clear blue sky.

Everybody has been fed, put to bed, the house is clean again….until the next thunderstorm rolls in.


About Kris Underwood

Kris Underwood is the Social Media Manager at Hunger Mountain (Vermont College of Fine Arts). Poetry has appeared in several publications including MotherVerse, and Poetry Midwest. I read books & write about them on my blog sometimes.

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