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Homebirth ArticlesAqua Baby: Birthing at Home
Following the wonderful advice of a friend, I went to visit a midwife for my pregnancy. Her office walls were covered with a multitude of photos of babies she’d helped to deliver. I knew I had made the right choice.

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Candles Not Required
I am not the product of hippie parents and I don’t consider myself righteous. Yet my child was born at home. Intentionally.

Preparing the House for Homebirth
Here are some suggestions to help you gather together what you will need if you plan to birth at home.


Homebirth at the Hospital
A look at how doulas can help women have natural, home-like childbirth experiences in hospitals.


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Third Time’s the Charm
For one mom it took to birth number three to finally choose homebirth. 

The Birth of Kai
We went for a long walk and in a little over two hours Kai James Lim was born in our living room.



Our Home is a Shrine to the Birth of our Child
This birth story provides a father’s perspective on homebirth.



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One thought on “Best Homebirth Articles and Discussions”

  1. Great articles for parents who want to learn about the home birth options. As more and more parents are ending up with c-sections – not planned – some are looking for options! In the Chicago we have quite a few good midwifery options at home and in hospital. Finding them is the challenge!

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