Birth Professionals Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Birth Professionals Forum: A gathering place for those involved with maternal care/birth work to share professional experiences, evidence-based protocols, educational concerns and birth-related research analysis and more. The Birth Professionals Forum was designed to be a resource for birth professionals and those interested in the birth-related professions to discuss issues that are pertinent to their livelihoods and various career paths.

This forum is not intended to be an "Ask the Experts" forum for members to submit their questions to the trained professionals who frequent the forum. Questions and posts unrelated to being a birth professional should be submitted to the appropriate forum (I’m Pregnant, Birth and Beyond, Health and Healing, Fertility, etc). Off-topic posts and threads will be moved or removed. Please note the Medical Advice disclaimer to make sure your posts are not offering nor soliciting medical advice. Please also note our Birth and Beyond Namecalling Reminder here.

Please PM a moderator or administrator with any forum-related questions, comments or concerns. Thank you for your assistance in making this a helpful, welcoming environment for current and aspiring birth professionals

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