Blogger Mom Posts Powerful Photos of Triplet Pregnancy Scars


Most of us can agree that pregnancy alters our bodies, often leaving stubborn scars and skin that seems to stretch like silly putty. Instead of feeling pride for growing a little human (or three), some hide behind oversized sweatshirts, cursing at mirrors and googling quick ways to ‘bounce back’.

Blogger Desiree Fortin takes a different approach — a healthier, more liberating one.

After giving birth to triplets, the new mama posted beautiful photos to her blog, along with some words of wisdom for new moms. Referring to her stretch marks as ‘hope wounds’, she wrote:

“Every little wrinkle, every scar, and the saggy skin that rolls over my jeans show how great God is in impossible situations. The very first Perinatologist that I saw, told me that I would never have a successful triplet pregnancy.  I was too thin, too short–and it was first pregnancy. However, my hope wounds proved her wrong. Not only did I deliver our babies 1 day past our goal date, but they were nearly 5 pounds each. My body did that!!!”

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Fortin’s post went viral, and caught the attention of Fox News.  She told Fox, “We all have a story, and we need to embrace that rather than shame our bodies.” triplet-mom4triplet-mom3triplet-mom2

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