Blooming Tuesday: Blue Avocado Lunch Tote Giveaway

First off, this is the last Blooming Tuesday blog I’ll be writing, as my position at Mothering has been discontinued. However, you can still hang with me on Twitter @candacewalsh, on facebook (friend me), and at the Huffington Post. I’ll be the new managing editor at My Healing Kitchen starting next week.

Now on to the topic at hand…

You pack your children’s lunches lovingly each morning (I know we do) but do you give the same care and attention to your own midday meal? It has taken me years to snap to adding my lunch bag to the queue on the kitchen counter.

How empowering–to open my lunch bag and find items perfect for me–because I chose them. You might be wondering if I write myself a little love note on the napkin, but no, I’m not that far gone.

Lately, my lunch bag includes: a Dr. Praeger’s spinach pancake, a grapefruit, a Stanley stainless steel bottle of juice from my morning veggie/fruit batch*, and a red pepper with a container of Tribe hummus. I especially love their chipotle and red pepper flavors. I smear the hummus on big slabs of the fresh, crunchy red pepper…yum! Instead of eating everything at once, I tend to have small eating occasions all day long–per dietician Ashley Koff’s recommendation.

Today, my lunch stuff was thrown in a shopping bag, because I was in that much of a rush. However, wouldn’t it have been much better to avail of this beautiful Blue Avocado lunch tote? Only $20…such a nice price point.


It’s not bulky, but it keeps items hot or cold for 3 whole hours! It’s collapsible, PVC-free and made from 50% REPREVE recycled fibers. And it’s so darn cute. SOMEONE is going to win this thing and I have to say, that person is very lucky because this tote is adorable, practical and chic.

So here’s how you enter to win the contest:

Leave a comment below. Extra credit: tell me all about your favorite packed lunches.

Thanks! xox

PS: Here’s my juicer-juice recipe:

3 carrots, 1/2 small beet, 1/2 green apple, 1/2 lemon whole lemon, chunks of turmeric, ginger and burdock root, 3 stalks celery, 1/3 of a cucumber, 1/3 of a fennel bulb. It’s WONDERFUL and yummy, too.

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195 thoughts on “Blooming Tuesday: Blue Avocado Lunch Tote Giveaway”

  1. How adorable is that?!?!? We pack lunches every day for hubby and I: ham/turkey sandwich, orange or apple; mozerella cheese stick; wheat thin; and carrot sticks. YUM. Baby girl eats at the babysitter but I still pack a bag for her with a bottle of healthy organic milk =)

  2. That bag is pretty nifty! I’m a pretty simple girl. When I pack a lunch it’s usually raw veggies, some fruit, pita & hummus, and yogurt.

  3. MY favorite packed lunch were the ones my mom maid for me growing up. Nothing fancy, just a plain brown paper bag with a sandwich chips and some fruit. The best part was the notes she would leave for me at them bottom they always brightened my day!

  4. Enter me, please! My fav packed lunches are lunches made to eat w/ my family for a special event. The most recent was a trip w/ my homeschooler to see Disney on Ice together with other school-age children at a special mid-day show. We were allowed to bring a lunch, and we had matching lunches with hers being a gluten free version. We had so much fun!

  5. Oh, that bag definitely trumps the recycled shopping bags I usually use! As for favourite lunches, I like to grill paninis and pack them for lunch.

  6. That is too cute! I love leftovers or a good sandwich with some fresh fruit. i keep frozen fruit in our freezer at work with juices to make smoothies in my personal size blender

  7. I love the tote! It’s way cute. And that juice recipe sounds amazing. Think I’m gonna try it…:) I love to have easy to eat things packed in lunches: veggie sticks and dip, fresh fruits, yummy crackers and lots of different cheeses, and maybe even a little sweet of some kind.

  8. That is soo cute! I work at a school so I do my best to pack healthy lunches. Usually a salad with apples and french dressing, yogurt and a small dish of buttered pasta. Thanks for sharing & hope I win!

  9. Sliced cucumbers with Annies Natural Roasted Red Pepper Dressing as a dip with a small romaine salad with feta and kalamata olives. Yummy! Now I just need the perfect bag to tote my lunch!

  10. Ooooo mommy needs one of those for herself for school!!

    i love to pack hummus and vegis but have a hard time finding anything that can keep it cool without weighing me down (books are bad enough!)

  11. What a cute bag! We love to pack some sandwiches, grapes, and crackers and take the kids to the park on warm days for picnics! With our third on the way any day now, something like this would be really handy this spring! 🙂 🙂

  12. awesome! I am student teaching next fall and will be in need of my own lunch bag! My favorite packed lunch is pb&j on whole wheat with a piece of fruit and a big water bottle with some chips or crackers.

  13. My favorite packed lunches are rice burritos. I use my favorite kind of tortilla filled with cooked rice and left-overs like, cooked veggies, cheese, cilantro, beans, potatoes, salsa, really anything, even fruit. Our philosophy is anything from home is (organic and) better than anything from a drive-thru or vending machine.

  14. That is PERFECT – somehow everything I’ve been looking for has just jumped out at me today! 🙂 My favorite packed lunch is anything I can have warmed up – warm food just makes me feel all happy inside! 🙂

  15. Oooh I love it! I would pack myself a swiss cheese, hummus, baby spinach, and super thin sliced red bell pepper sandwich on some sort of whole grain bread, an apple and a tiny reusable container filled with peanut butter (and a little knife for slicing the apple so I can dunk in the pb!), and maybe a chunk of dark chocolate if I’ve been good. 🙂

  16. That tote is just gorgeous!

    We pack a lunch to go anywhere and everywhere, because my daughter is allergic to corn. I challenge you to find a restaurant with more than two healthful corn-free items. It can’t be done!

    That being said, I’m sickly addicted to Bento Boxes ( I bought these Glasslock ( containers from Costco for around $30 for a set, and then I nest the small ones into the larger ones to hold the array of miniature art/food. The kids tend to forget they’re eating healthfully, and actually prefer our packed food at the zoo over the oh-so-tempting kiosks of elephant ears and hot steaming cups of sugar with whipped cream on top!

    Score one for the allergy crowd! Woo! There are also these neat doo-dads called Laptop Lunches ( that would fit nicely within that fancy exterior.

    Sad to hear you’re leaving Mothering. Glad you’re still around, I enjoy reading your stuff!

  17. I love this bag! When I pack a lunch, I like a simple sandwich on homemade bread with a side of something crunchy. I also like a piece of fresh fruit to cleanse the palate.

    Best of luck in your new job at MY HEALING KITCHEN. They are lucky to have you.

  18. that’s a cute tote! I remember my mom packing my lunch as a kid – always a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a couple of cookies. Fond memories!

  19. That is really cute! My lunches are pretty boring these days. Leftovers, turkey & swiss sandwich, avocado, orange, and a banana are some of the more common fare in my lunch bag- which currently leaks. This would be a major upgrade.

  20. Love the design! We love salmon salad sandwiches on gluten free bread or corn cakes with carrot sticks, gluten free pretzels, and a pear.

  21. My favorite lunch to pack is a Greek style tortilla wrap, with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, kalamata olives, onions, and feta cheese. I wrap it all in a tortilla and slice it in half. I also bring along some fresh seasonal fruit (an orange, strawberries, or something else) and usually some kettle chips too.

    That’s one nice looking lunch bag! I’m tired of reusing the brown bags we get from the convenience store. Even though I use them 4+ times (or until they bust!) I still don’t feel like I’m doing enough for the planet.

  22. That bag is so cute. I have been looking for something to carry my lunch in to work besides a p;atic bag or just putting it in my big purse. I usually make my self a sandwich like pb&j with some fruit and popcorn. My hubby sometimes makes me lunch though and will make my favorite tomato and onion salad with pita bread or pita chips and hummus. YUM!!

  23. Now this is cute–not your average lunch bag!

    I like to keep things simple–it’s mostly salad, sandwich or leftovers for me. I get really excited, though, if I have restaurant takeout to carry!

  24. I love your juice recipe. Yum. My favorite lunch is leftover rice & dal…whenever I make dal for dinner, I make a LOT so there are plentiful leftovers. I often add veggies, lots of spicy Indian mixed pickle, and a little container of plain yogurt to cool the whole mushy mix down.

  25. That is a very cute tote! Well, my very picky four year old’s current packed lunch request is sunflower seeds (without shells) in a reuseable container and a spoon! Yup, she eats it like dry cereal!! Also a pear, some yogurt, juice and chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a treat. As you can see, she’s on a sunflower seed kick. Lol!!

  26. Beautiful bag! I have often thought I should pack my own lunch such as I do for my family. My fave lunch when I can have it is grilled cheese, tomato soup and a peanut butter cookie

  27. Love it! My favorite lunch has sugar snap peas, an apple, yogurt with granola, and spinach risotto (yummy cold).

  28. I haven’t had to pack a lunch in a while but I’m going to have to when I go back to work after maternity leave! I take leftovers quite a bit (stir fry, etc) but I do often end up having PB&J and fruit and whatever else I can throw together.

  29. Enter me please! My favorite packed lunches are coconut water, cut watermelon chunks, a pasta or potato salad and a really great sandwich!

  30. What a lovely lunch bag! My favorite lunches are leftovers from the previous night, whatever those are. This just saves me lots of time in the morning!

  31. Awesome bag! My favorite bagged lunch is fresh mozza, tomato, greens, pesto & balsamic on a baguette. Sinfully good!

  32. Very cute!! I LOVE orzo salad or other cold pasta salads. Vegetables and hummus, string cheese, yerba mate and a chocolate oatmeal cookie 🙂

  33. Oh, so pretty! I have a “thing” for lunch totes. My daughters have many but I have yet to find a favorite. Perhaps this is the “one”.

    My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich with all the fixings, a bowl of mixed fruit, string cheese and reusable bottle filled with… water. 😉

  34. I’m nursing so I always pack my lunch and lots of snacks to get me through the day. My favorite is soup on a cold day. Today it was leftovers, fruit salad and a cookie.

  35. I love it! My fav packed lunch is either left over veggie stir fry or spaghetti! with some yummy fresh fruit! drool! I need to eat my lunch now! 🙂

  36. My quick & easy lunch is organic spring greens in a big bowl, then I toss in some quickly chopped veggies, whatever I have on hand, a generous handful of either black beans or chick peas, whatever can is open in the fridge, grate some cheese on top and a handful of nuts like almonds or cashews and toss on some dressing, lots of veggies and a big protein boost to get me through the day and it takes less than five minutes to make.

  37. I love this! My favorite packed lunch is chicken salad with fresh basil, carrots, tomato and goat cheese. yum!

  38. I LOVE this lunch bag and don’t have one for myself. My favorite lunch ideas are raw veggies and hummas, homemade trail mix, cheese and crackers.

  39. Fabulous bag! My fav lunch is a yogurt and a deicious sandwich on fresh made bread. Usually followed by a soft baked cookie! Dee-lish!!

  40. Love that bag! My kids’ lunches usually hold a sandwich, fruit, yogurt/cheese, and some carrots/bell peppers with dip.

    Not currently packing my lunch, but what an idea! May as well add myself to the queue, right? This lunch bag would help!

  41. I just adore that lunch tote! My favorite on-the-go lunches include…easy grab fruit (apple, clementine…). something crunchy (crackers, pita chips..), veggie sticks, something protein (nut butters, left over quinoa, chick pea salad)and sometimes something fun…chocolate is always good and water to drink.

  42. Love this tote- so hard to find a pretty one.

    My fav packed lunch is a thermos of gazpacho, and avocado and water with lemon.

  43. A new lunch tote would be awesome! I love packing a lunch tote with healthy snacks- including mixed nuts and an Atkins bar!

  44. oh that is awsome i love that it is recycled too. ok my fave lunch is a smoked albacore tuna spinich leaves tomato onion red pepper salt pepper sprouts carot pea pods yummy and to top it off fat free steak house parm and olive oil dressing 😉 with some juice on the side thanks for your recipie i will definatly have to try it

  45. Oooh! 🙁 I hate you are leaving Mothering. I’ve loved following you there… will be looking forward to Huffington posts now

    We are traditional with our lunches- pb&j, carrots, raisins and apple slices

  46. Cute! Hmmm. Packed lunches. We normally take whatever is left over from the night before, or sandwiches. 🙂 We don’t necessarily have a favorite…though I may take some ideas from other answers… 🙂

  47. This is so cute! My favorite lunch growing up was when my mom would pack a roast beef and swiss sandwich and then would have a tomato and cucumber vinagrette salad on the side. Delicious!

  48. What an awesome bag!!!

    My favorite lunch is organic spring leaves salad with wheat crackers & cheese and a side of red grapefruit 🙂

  49. love it! My favorite to-go lunches are finger foods I can eat outside in the sun: grapes, cheese, crackers, chocolates, fig pizza, anything to avoid the dreaded staple, the Clif bar. I do love Clif bars, but they’ve bailed me out of allergen-laced picnics one too many times.

  50. I would love this lunch bag! I have to pack food for me and my daughter wherever we go, since we both are allergic to gluten. We love cucumbers, grapes, and chicken salad sandwiches.

  51. So perfect as my maternity leave draws to a close and I return to work next week. I love a good lunch of homemade quiche or leftovers from the night before! I’ll be packing plenty of snacks to munch on during pumping sessions! I could use a cute lunch bag to make me feel *a little* better about leaving my beautiful son

  52. what a great bag! my lunch is usually left overs, but my FAVORITE is tabuli made with quinoa, hummus, fulaful, lettuce! yumm-o. i also really like yogurt with chopped apples & walnuts. the yogurt keeps the apples from turning brown!

  53. So cute !!

    I usually pack left overs , yogurt and fruit. Boring I know thats why I need a cool new lunch bag so my lunches dont seem as boring lol

  54. OOOOOOO I love that bag!!! My son and I have picnics all the time, and this would be sooo great to have!!! We are vegan and eat lots of almond butter and jelly sandwiches, hummus and carrots, walnut/lentil pate w/ rice crackers, apples, pears, nuts and cranberries. :))

  55. Cute little tote love it. My packed lunch is a Bologna & cheese sandwich. Some barbeque chips any type of fruit and flavored water

  56. What a pretty bag!!! I had to throw out my last one because the handle finally broke. My lunches are always leftovers with fruit and some sort of snack for the afternoon!

  57. I would have to say my favorite lunch is seafood of any kind! seafood salad is always a great one to take for the day.

  58. Super cute lunch bag!! I’d love to be able to use it to tote around sandwiches, wraps, fruit leather, homemade applesauce, etc!

  59. I really love a nice grain or past salad. Lots of little sides too, something crunch, salty, sweet. And a big bottle of lemonaid to drink

  60. Love a new lunch bag! I pack my husband lunch everyday and make a nice salad or sandwich and I always put something unexpected in the box, a cookie, candy or a picture my son painted and my husband just loves it!

  61. Nice bag. We use the Lunch Bots to pack things like Brown Rice Cakes with Sunflower Seed Butter and a Raisin Smiley-Face, G-Free Carrot Muffins, Cucumber and Orange Chunks, Kefir with Agave Syrup, etc. Sometimes I add a G-Free Choco-Chip cookie or a Carob Brownie. 🙂 We love Cookusinterruptus (thanks, Mothering!) and the GlutenFreeGoddess for ideas and great allergen-friendly recipes.

  62. Oh I lOVE Blue Avocado bags. I have tons, but not this beauty!! I love packing up quesadillas, sliced cukes and apples for my little munchkin – easy finger food for her that’s healthy!

  63. Such a pretty lunch tote, would love to have one! My favortie lunch is a tomato & onion sandwich with lots of melon and grapes on the side. I usually sneak in a cheese stick and some almonds too!

  64. Would love to win this lunch bag!

    I’m big on freezing leftover soups/stews/pasta and when in a rush in the mornings, easy to grab and bring to work for lunch. Also always grab some fruit and munchies (nuts/granola bar/veggie chips/etc).

  65. My favorite packed lunch is a yogurt, dipping vegetables, flavored tuna packet, one of those little blue bell cheeses and crackers. It sure would look nice in one of these bags :)!

  66. I love, love, love this bag!!! I do really cute lunches for my daughter using different cutouts. I’ll cut up watermelon and use the cutout to give her flower and heart shaped pieces. I do the same for sandwiches and anything else I can. I usually end up with all the leftovers from these cutouts in my lunch. I’ve also been really into hoummus and veggie pita wraps lately.

  67. This is a wonderful bag, I love that it is “green” and chic! My favorite lunch is whatever I make from scratch, let it be leftovers from the previous dinner, or a sandwich, or a salad, or muffins, etc. I don’t eat out, and don’t eat store bought prepared foods. I prefer fresh, organic, home made, from scratch to save my health, my money and the environment. Thank you for the great post and the opportunity to win this lunch bag. Good luck to us all! 🙂

  68. What a cute bag, and I love the colors!

    My favorite packed lunch is a picnic with my kids we love taking a cheese, avacado, tomato, lettuce sandwich on fresh baked bread along with cut up watermelon and chocolate chip cookies.

  69. Dried fruits and nuts. And i am on a big sharp white cheddar kick as well. Dried blueberries/cranberries go really well with sharp white cheddar. A small salad with a small container of balsamic and I’m good to go!

    Love this lunch to tote!

  70. Cute bag! My favorite lunch, would be when my husband and I were dating and he made them: 4 clementines a candy cane and a piece of chocolate (ok not the best, but made with love!)

  71. LOVE this it’s super cute and function able!! I am a stay at home Mom but Love having hikes/picnics with my girl’s in the summertime and it would be easy to pack along with us!!

  72. Love the bag! Whatever I pack for lunch proper, I always pack some nuts for in-between-meals nibbles, otherwise I’ll start thinking of brownies…

  73. Our packed lunch is lunch meat and cheese piece of lettuce for the bread, some yogurt, chips and usually 1 cookie for each of us!!

  74. My favorite lunch is leftovers! So many dishes taste even better the next day and it takes so little effort 🙂

  75. This bag is great! I tend to make a little extra at dinner time so that we have enough leftovers for lunch the next day. Thankfully my fam enjoys leftovers! 🙂

  76. Love the color of this cute bag, favorite lunch is a huge salad made with all locally, organically grown veggies (some from my own garden too) with braggs for dressing and a side of goji berries. We eat 100% homemade meals!

  77. Love this bag!

    for lunches I like cheese and grated veggies on whole grain bread…that’s my fav, yogurt and nuts and fruits for snacks

  78. I work nights and need to pack every night. Usually a salad with brown rice, tuna and oranges. I do like radishes and a cookie for the 3am cup of tea. Nice bag!

  79. Adorable! I love it. My favorite packed lunch is sweet potato & lentil wrap; beets&greens; hummus; any kind of fresh fruit. Plain yogurt and honey is always nice to throw in too. Yum yum yum.

  80. What a beautiful bag! So much nicer than the boring workhouse I use now. My favorite lunch is good leftovers from a previous meal.

  81. Nice! Ideal packed lunch- crisp apple, granola bar, vitamin water, and a good salad with pistachios and maybe some dried cherries…mmmm

  82. This is so much prettier than the ugly red bag I carried all of last year! Plain yogurt with honey and cinnamon, grapes, and natural cheddar cheese are my favorite lunchtime fare!

  83. hummus with fresh fruit, veggies and pita bread are my favourite packed lunch items. My lunch currently gets crammed in my handbag. I’ve been meaning to get an official lunch bag…

  84. This looks like a great lunch tote. As a teacher, I always seem to be carrying alot and the long strap to go over my shoulder would be ideal!

  85. Great bag!! I love packing left overs from the night before dinner for lunch. My fav… lasagna with spinach.

  86. I try to eat low carb so I usually wrap cheese up in a piece of ham or turkey with something crunchy in the middle like some spinach or a slice of pepper. Strawberries are a must have with some creamcheese to dip it in. Yum!

  87. When I was a hospice nurse and pregnant I traveled all around and my hours were unpredictable and I loved packing my lunch. I would snack all day on veggies and fruit. I love sandwiches and I would have crackers and cheese too! I have been a brown bagged my whole life never likes school food (yuck)!

  88. This is lovely! How great for toting frozen breastmilk to the babysitter’s…That’s my little one’s fave packed lunch!

  89. I just always bring my leftovers! We use Pyrex containers and I currently just throw them all into a tote bag.

  90. I love the bag! Our favorite meals on the go are picnics while at the playground. We make hummus, turkey or cheese wraps or we enjoy leftover Annie’s Shells & Cheese, we always have grapes, apples and water and usually some homemade cookies for dessert. Just talking about it is getting me excited for spring and siting out in the sun, enjoying lunch with my kiddos.

  91. I haven’t had to pack a lunch for a while! I’m a stay at home mom to a little boy under 3 and a 9 month old girl so the only one who gets a lunch is Dad.

    Homemade hummus with pita chips and carrot sticks is the best by far. We also do a lot of ‘leftover’ lunches. Make a little extra at dinner and freeze a few portions to be reheated. Makes for a more diverse lunch – not too many pb&j sandwiches.

  92. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! I like to bring olives, cheese, crackers, hummus, and cut up fruit with us on our lunches out 😉

  93. Ooh, ooh, pick me! I love this bag! Our go-to packed meal is pb&j on whole wheat or 7-grain bread, but we also love wrap sandwiches (avocado, hummus, cucumber, tofu, spinach, and peppers, all rolled up). My son, who loves to complain about whatever we’re eating, says, “You know how you can get me to eat vegetables? Put them in a wrap sandwich!” So I do. And Candace, I will miss all of the amazing finds you share with readers in each Mothering issue. Best of luck in your new adventure!

  94. That comment about leaving yourself a note on a napkin made me laugh out loud – I will always remember my mom doing that for my school lunches (and making happy faces in the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) 🙂

    Would love to win this for when I go back to work – I always loved bringing a giant fruit salad to snack on throughout the day, and turkey sandwiches with avocado are my old standby.

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving Mothering! Looking forward to checking out My Healing Kitchen…

  95. love this bag! would be a great birthday present to myself since today is my big day! i love to pack peanut butter sandwiches for my little girl (her fav) along with fresh fruit that we share. I pack myself a salad or fresh veggies with hummus. mmmm mmmmm good!

  96. Love the bag!!! I like cream cheese and jelly in a tortillia. Or pb and raisins on a tort for something fun.

  97. This bag would be great for picnics or just going out for the afternoon…to keep bottles cold while traveling.

    This would also be great for shopping…to keep the refrigerated & frozen items cold while stopping off at another store and also for the trip home.

    My favorite packed lunch is a sandwich made from leftover meat from the previous night’s dinner…roast beef, baked chicken, turkey, meatloaf, etc. Along with Sunchips & a Vitaminwater.

  98. Ohhhh I wanna win. Its such a pretty bag. My favorite bag lunch is an apple pecan salad & water w/ cucumber slices to taste 🙂

  99. What a great bag! We usually pack up mini veggie quiches and sweet potato fries with some yummy fruit for a lunch on the go.

  100. I would love this. I stole my mother-in-law’s lunch box and have yet to return it because then I won’t have one!!

  101. Oh I love this bag. we love going on picnics here and now that my eldest is at school it’s just me and my little 2yr old so we really don’t need a big picnic basket – plus we go hiking so it’s really too bulky to carry. This would be perfect for the two of us 🙂

    We love berries here and I’m lucky to have a brother who grows lots of yummy berries. So our lunches are jam packed with blackberries, boysenberries and strawberries. We also love salad wraps and more fruit – banana’s apples and kiwi fruit 🙂

    And for a yummy treat we make chocolate berry (we do love our berries) cupcakes

  102. This is super cute! For the kids….they just love their PB&J’s and I love a good turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce!

  103. We love turkey wraps with spinach and red peppers and avacado, some cream cheese or goat cheese. roll it up and add some fruit on the side with a big bottle of cold fresh water. 🙂 love the bag!

  104. I would love to have the bag it is awesome! I love to pack turkey and provalone on whole wheat bread with lettuce and pickles and tomato on the side to put on later. With a side of harvest cheddar sunchips and some sort of veggie with a dill dip. Also a couple nice cold bottles of water. 🙂

  105. I love to make my son bento style lunches. I try to make them colorful and with good variety. He always eats everything!

  106. I would love this bag. My favorite sandwich to pack is a thick slice of real mozzerella cheese, tomato and pesto, so yummy!

  107. Cute bag! I always liked to buy a special treat for my husband and hide it so that I could pack it secretly and surprise him.

  108. Since I have a toddler and an almost toddler, I save time by packing the three of us almost the same thing. That means lots of fruits, veggies & tofu 🙂

  109. I live in Florida and when the weather starts to get nice, as it recently has, I love to pack a quick lunch for me and my girls, and my sister if I can talk her into it, and take off on an impromptu trip to the beach. I get almost giddy while I see how quickly I can just grab and go- not a common part of my vocabulary as a SAHM of 2 little ladies. Our inaugural trip this season consisted of my sister making some quick pb&j sandwiches and grabbing some standby healthy snacks- carrot sticks, fruit, hummus, yogurt- and we were off! It was great fun and feels so liberating to just make it happen and get out in the beautiful weather.

  110. Candace, I have so enjoyed your blog entries and am sad that you’re no longer at Mothering. Looking forward to reading your input at your new “home”. Best wishes! And thanks for another great giveaway!

  111. I love being able to keep lunches cold so I can pack pitas/wraps with hummus and tabbouli, and also fresh fruit salad – always a nice treat! Lately I’ve been hooked on Greek yogurt with fruit as well.

  112. So sad that we will no longer be reading your posts at Mothering!

    Favorite lunches or usual lunches? Our usual packed lunch is PB&J all around, whatever fruit is in season, and some type of protein snack(cheese, hummus, etc.).

  113. Love to pack lunch…..chicken Caesar salad in a wrap is my favorite and keeps surprisingly well…just very lighty dress the salad…

  114. What a cute and functional lunch bag….take care of you in style. Favorite lunch munchies. First fruit- fresh berries or mango..watermelon in summer or strawberries in spring (now I’m getting really hungry!) Wait 20 minutes to let the fruit get through the empty tummy first…..then carrotts and celery dipped in Mediterranean hummus-generous dips! Later a gluten-free almond butter sandwich. Yummy!

  115. Love the lunch bag.. So much funner than a grocery bag. Also could carry about anything

    From diapers to makeup. 🙂

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