Blowing Raspberries

LeoneAlmost5monthsLeone, who’s almost five months old (already? How is that possible?) has discovered how to blow raspberries. She’s also started noticing her out breaths.

These spectacular wonders of her natural self are particularly fascinating at 4:00 a.m.

In other news, she can sit up by herself for about a quarter of a second before falling on her nose and flattening it into Silly Putty.

And she grabs things. The lip of the plate while she’s sitting on my lap at the table, the bamboo flute on the windowsill, the junk mail advertisement. She holds onto what she’s grabbed but only long enough to give it a couple of shakes. Then she lets go.

It disappears.

She doesn’t know it ever existed.

She’s too busy trying to grab the next thing–her sister’s hair, the velcro on her cloth diaper, her brother’s nose–to be bothered with where the thing she just had went.

Rolling over? That’s like, so yesterday. She mastered that skill the day after I publicly asserted that she didn’t know how to do it. Danger Alert: no more leaving baby on the bed.

She loves diaper changes (though as we get the hang of EC’ing, they are becoming less frequent).

Leone: Hello feet! Hello toes! My favorite toys! Where have you been hiding?!

She also grabs the diaper under her tush and wrestles with it: Hmm, this looks like it might be tasty. Let me just pull, pull, pull, and try to get it into my mouth. “Ahhh, rrrhhh, argg, ga, ga.” [Blows raspberries.]

Though her hair is still so fine and wispy, there’s more of it every day.

She hasn’t been drooling as much lately but she puts everything into her mouth. I can feel tiny teeth just below the surface of her gums and her gums sometimes seem to bother her.

She likes to grasp your thumbs with all her fingers and stand on your lap when you’re holding her. I remember when we took a baby yoga class back in the Dark Ages when Leone was only three months old and there were some five-month-old babies standing on their mothers’ laps and I was in awe of how incredibly advanced and amazing they were. Now Leone has started doing that too.

When she sees her bunting or the back carrier, she kicks her legs and waves her arms. “Oh, a walk! Count me in. I love cozying up to Mommy!”

She gets so excited by the prospect of an outing that she sometimes even blows a raspberry.

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