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From ThinkGeek via the ever-hilarious daddy blogger DaddyTypes.

While this may not seem to be the kind of thing I’d normally feel compelled to blog about, I have to confess that—although we never had a TV— I spent many hours watching rented Star Trek videos with Reeve when he was little. And was thorougly taken with the lessons found in each episode (and I’m talking about ALL the series): inclusivity, respect for all beings, women in leadership roles, racial and religious tolerance . . .

So, nice “uniforms,” but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable giving a baby a red one. . .






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5 thoughts on “boldly going there”

  1. We don’t have a TV either but I love Star Trek. These are very very cute, I have to admit!

    I really like BLACK clothes for babies but there is so little made in black for infants and small children. What do you think of dressing kids in black?

  2. It is funny how we as a society don’t seem to think much about black for baby clothes. But why not? (other than the fact that spit-up really shows up or, say, it’s harder to find your baby in the dark)

    And kudos to you re no TV. It’s probably my biggest soapbox: my belief that kids develop better without it. . .

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