Book Giveaway: The Diaper Free Baby

Hi, All!

This Monday morning giveaway is Christine Gross-Loh’s signed book, The Diaper Free Baby. Christine is a longtime Mothering writer, and the author of Mothering’s current cover story, “Wear Your Baby!”

The winner will be picked on Friday, July 23.

The Diaper Free Baby was written for parents who are interested in practicing elimination communication (EC), or gentle infant pottying. Christine, who has EC’ed all four of her children, encourages parents to practice EC in a way that makes sense for themselves and their families, and helps parents and babies engage in mutual communication with each other while also reducing their dependence on diapers.

You can also read her blog at Origami Mommy, “The adventures of a family living abroad in Japan.”

To enter this drawing, please leave a comment below. Feel free to share your diaper-free adventures, wisdom, advice or challenges…

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